Are Your Prepared If Your Computer Crashes?

Most all of you know last week I got a Trojan virus which crashed my computer.  I was working along when an image popped up that said something about “dangerous software detected” and that the computer needed to “perform a scan” to clear it.  Well, I knew that moment it was the VIRUS that was saying that, but the only thing I could do was click “OK” and my computer shut down.  I tried to reboot and got nothing – just a black screen.

My life flashed before my eyes.

Five years.

Five years of documents.  Five years of notes.  Five years of videos.  Five years of pictures.

Yes, I had many files already online in our Training Libraries and Videos on YouTube and Pictures on Facebook…. but hundreds and hundreds have NOT been uploaded, and I began to cry as I stared at that black screen, just knowing I had just lost it all.

Truly by the grace of God, Mike was able to find my files, “hidden” by the Trojan virus, and I spent the next five days doing one large file transfer after another to move everything from my laptop to my desktop.  It literally took five days of back and forth with numerous USB thumb drives.  I was able to send large files via email or ftp, but even that took several hours. It was a nightmare, but I was so thankful that I still had files to move, that I did it all with a smile.

It’s funny when something happens like a computer virus that literally “scares” you into action.  Like I have always known I SHOULD back up my files… I have said “oh I will do that tomorrow” or “gosh I should buy one of those external hard drives… I will do it then.”  You can bet I have all of the preparations in place now that my computer will be backed up weekly no questions asked.

The silver lining to all of this was it gave me a chance to look back over everything I have done the last five years – from my first Training Seminar to some of my first Conference Calls, as well as pictures of family vacations and milestones we have celebrated and cherished.   I was able to look over “90 Day Action Plans” of Divas who I began working with in the beginning, and my heart filled with pride when I think of the Million Dollar Directors that I helped from the time they were booking their first Kick Off Show.

So Divas there are a few lessons I learned this week that I wanted to share with you – one to back up your files NOW and do not put it off another day.  I can not tell you how lucky I am that we were able to retrieve those files.  Sadly not everyone is so fortunate.

Secondly I want you to think about what “scares” you into action.   Some of the Million Dollar Directors I know are there because they were “fearful” – fearful of their house going to foreclosure, or their children not getting their needs.   Fearful when a spouse has left and she had to make it on her own.  Fearful that she would have to move to a new city and leave her family to find a job to make ends meet.  Fearful she would not be able to pay the medical bills that were piling up from her special needs daughter, and that they would stop helping her.   What are you “fearful” of, if your business does not succeed?  Can you begin today by turning that fear into action like so many other Divas have done?

And finally, I want you to take some time today to look back on all that you have accomplished – in business and in life – in the last 2, 3, maybe 5 years.  Look back and celebrate the milestones, the family gatherings, the time with friends and loved ones, the accomplishments you have had, events you have participated in… take a walk down “Memory Lane” and celebrate how far you have come.

I am happy to say that after moving all of my files, and completely dumping everything from my laptop and starting over with a new version of Windows 7 that I am “back up and running” the way I was a week ago today.   I only permanently lost a few programs which I will have to repurchase and reinstall, but at least all of my memories and trainings are still in tact.

Getting that computer virus was incredibly scary, but it taught me some very valuable lessons. Ones  I will not soon forget.


  1. Computer Crash, Bam, Boom – Been there, Done that, Got that very muddy T-shirt. I had to call Geeks on Call and they took my baby away – and what I got back was a rebuilt computer with more space and half my files… But then I am grateful for half as opposed to nothing. They then reccommended that I use Carbonite – for my online data storage. PS – the worst of my lost data could have been my customer/inventory data base but they did find that… Thank You Geeks on Call)
    Anyway… the thing that actually scared me into action happened this year… I went to buy life insurance and couldn’t afford it and realized that by the time I get to retirement age, I would not have anything substantial to support me at the barest minimum level… And Now I am looking at my business in an entirely new light… It is now MY SAFTY NET. As women, we need to realize that unless we have something at the twighliight of our lives to live on, we will have lived for others in vain. That is something to think about.

  2. Oh Lynsey, when I first heard of your incident, I felt for you. I truly did. I just know how much of your life (both business and personal) is on that computer and my heart ached for you.

    I am thrilled that you were able to recover most of your loss… what a huge relief x

  3. How lucky that you were able to find your files! The whole idea of preparation is one that so many people put off (usually until its too late–I’m guilty as well). Its really neat that you got to take that trip down memory lane to see all you’ve accomplished too.
    Thank you for all you’ve given your Diva crew; I know we/they appreciate everything you’ve done & are doing!

  4. When I saw your post on FB about the virus, I was devastated for you. I can’t imagine losing all my pictures of my babies! I have an external drive that I use as a back up and I have a backup on my website as well.

    But even though you have an external drive, I still recommend an online service like. If the unthinkable should happen at your house (fire, flood, theft, etc.) then you’ll still have your online backup available. Plus, you can access your files from anywhere, so if you’re traveling and need a document, you can get it.

    So glad you got the important stuff back! Even if you lost some software that a small inconvenience plus you can get some upgraded programs. :)

  5. April Dabel says:

    So glad it all worked out! Phew.

  6. GREAT article!! Thankfully I have an external hard drive for my mac, This came in handy when I accidentally deleted my entire folder of 2 years of photos. It was all saved on my external hard drive so I just reuploaded but OMG I freaked!!

  7. Brandy Harris says:

    I am so sorry Lynsey this happened!!! I had the same thing happen to me and thank goodness my computer geek brother was able to repair and recover my files! It’s like my life disappeared right in front of me! I have my dropbox now and I will never o back to relying on the computer to store my docs! I am glad it worked out for you!

  8. Oh My! Yes, it’s so easy to get that false sense of security with everything being “online” I lost some pictures of my boys when my computer crashed several years ago, now I back up my computer weekly with a ClickFree automatic backup.

    But I also store more information online with tools like DropBox and Evernote. Not only is it better to have it stored off my hard drive, but it makes accessing key files easier if I’m away from my beloved pink laptop! ;)

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