At Home Pedicures with Lemongrass Spa #Giveaway

There are few things more relaxing for me than a pedicure.  Since I decided to take up running this year, my poor little feet have sure taken a beating. Between getting used to hours and hours in sneakers and dealing with unforgiving shin splints, my dreams of running have been quite a painful endeavor – my feet the worst victims.

Jen Stinson wowed me last year with Lemongrass Spa, but when I saw an at home “Pedicure Kit” I was… well.. skeptical.  After all, I get a pedicure at the salon every 3 weeks like clock work, so I KNOW pedicures.   One of these days I am going to learn to quit being so skeptical.

The herbal foot kit contains peppermint and spearmint, both of which stimulate circulation, in addition to tea tree essential oil, which deodorizes and freshens feet! This is the perfect choice for anyone wanting tingly, rejuvenated feet! Kit includes all three products plus a soft towel and a dual purpose brush with pumice and soft bristles. Everything is tucked inside a clear travel bag so that you can take your ‘foot spa’ on the road! Makes a fantastic gift.

In a word – fantastic.  After a particularly hard run I decided to put the Lemongrass Spa Herbal Foot Kit to the test – and soaked my aching feet and legs in a nice hot tub of water.   Equipped with a great book and a glass of wine I let my aching muscles soak for about 15 minutes in the Herbal Foot Soak.  I then used the Walnut Foot Scrub and massaged them really hard – which felt great.  The scrub is coarse enough to slough off the dead skin and leave my feet nice and soft.  After rinsing that off I generously applied the Peppermint Foot Balm and put on some nice fuzzy socks.  My feet felt wonderful – not just to the touch, but all of the achiness from my run was gone.

I immediately went to Facebook and posted that ALL Lemongrass Spa Divas should be offering Pedi-Parties…

Freedom Feet Campaign – Between now and July 15th Lemongrass Spa is teaming up to send thousands of “Freedom Feet” care packages to the women serving in our Armed Forces.  We all know thousands of care packages are sent to the men, but very few are geared towards the women who serve.  In 2011 over 1,300 Freedom Feet Care Packages – which include the Cucumber Foot Kit – were sent to our Active Duty ladies.  You can check out all of the details anf get involved by checking out Jen’s Blog here.


I am excited to offer one of my readers their very own Herbal Foot Kit from Jen Stinson, Independent Consultant for Lemongrass Spa.  For the first entry, please use this link to sign up for her eNewsletter.
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  1. Clever Colleen says:

    I just “took up” running too Lindsey!! I would LOVE to win this. My feet are longing for a good spa treatment!

  2. I had never heard of this company before so I’d try any of them.

  3. Omgosh, this sounds like amazing stuff.

  4. Erica Ardali says:

    I’d love to try Eternal Bliss Body Polish

  5. Ahhh, Lemon Grass is the best!!!

  6. I am expecting my second child in September and would love to try the baby products.

  7. YEAH! My feet sure could use some pampering.

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