Introducing Grace Adele

Have you ever said, “I wish I could have been in on the ground level of THAT company!  I would be rich!”?  Here is your chance!!!  Grace Adele is opening its virtual doors August 1st, to take the intimidation and frustration out of fashion!  These are the beautiful bags, clever clutches, stunning jewelry, and awe-inspiring accessories your girlfriends are going to be giving, and getting, this holiday season!  Why not be the one helping them fulfill their shopping desires, while earning the plump commission checks that come with the launch of a new company!

Grace Adele’s products let you go from the early morning dash out the door to an evening on the town, without missing a beat!  Keep it elegant, romantic, or feisty; create a look completely unique to you!  These trendy products all complement each other and are available in seven basic colors or prints: red, zebra, teal, black, leopard, natural, and purple.

The Grace Adele Style System is effortless.  Define your style in 5 easy steps:

1)      Pick My Bag Color

2)      Pick My Bag

3)      Add My Clutch

4)      Style My Bag

5)      Style Me

Your investment of only $199 US / $239 CAN will get you everything you need to hit the ground running in this amazing launch opportunity!  There are awesome incentives and award programs starting right away that you will not want to miss out on!  So contact me today for more information and to get started in the business of your dreams!

Lindsay Lange – Independent Grace Adele Consultant

Goodies For Gifts #Review and #Giveaway

All month long I have been highlighting some of the best of the best products from the Party Plan Industry.  From jewelry to handbags to candles to makeup – we have covered just about everything.   So as we wrap up our Christmas in July Blog Event I wanted to share one of my favorite products that have helped me be successful in my Party Plan Business – and even give one away as well. :)

Goodies For Gifts

Whether you are Thanking a great Hostess or Congratulating a new Director, Goodies for Gifts has unique and yummy gifts sure to make a statement.

Introducing the first and only website dedicated to helping consumers find unique edible gifts! Featuring great companies from across the country that make the most fabulous foods, Goodies For Gifts helps consumers easily learn about, buy and share tasty treats as presents for their loved ones’ birthdays, holidays or any day. Boutique food companies from across the United States now have an affordable, cost-effective and impactful marketing channel to promote their delectable offerings.

Dockside Market

One of my favorite finds on Goodies for Gifts was the Keylime Cake from Dockside Market.   Located right in my home state of Florida Dockside Market features cakes and cookies with an Island Flare. The Keylime Cake is flavored with real key lime juice and just melts in your mouth.  It is a wonderful way for me to send a little “taste of the islands” to my favorite Party Plan people.

Swaying Palms, turquoise seas, Caribbean rhythms, dramatic sunsets, and a kick-back-and-relax attitude… it’s another perfect day in the beautiful Florida Keys, the home of Dockside Market for over 30 years.

You can check out all of Dockside Market’s amazing cookies and cakes on their website –

And be sure to check out Goodies For Gifts for all of your delicious Gift Giving needs.


I am excited to be able to offer one of my readers a Keylime Cake from Goodies for Gifts and Dockside Market so you can get a little piece of Florida’s finest to enjoy!

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Ignite Your Senses with Eclipse Candle Company #Giveaway

Over the last 6 months I have been working closely with a new Home Party Plan company that I am so excited to introduce to you.  Eclipse Candle Company is based in Texas and has a complete line of some of the finest smelling candles on the market today.   But candles isn’t all they do – in fact, my absolute favorite products are the Body Melts and Busy Body Melts.

Our multi-tasking Body Melts and Busy Body Melts are free of harsh chemicals and gentle enough for sensitive skin.  The natural ingredients provide skin soothing benefits of vitamin e, vitamin c, carotenes, and essential fatty acids.  8 fluid ounces of skin nourishing and FDA approved Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, and fragrance. Body Melts™ are designed for use in conjunction with our exclusive warmers or may be used in solid form directly from the package. Body Melts are available in 11 scrumptious fragrances-including 3 even masculine enough for men to use – and unscented.

The cool thing about the Body Melts is that they actually are dual purpose – you can warm them in one of Eclipse Candle Company fragrance warmers or use them to moisturize your skin.  I mean, how cool is that?   You can use them straight out of the tin they come in, or even warm them up to apply to your skin as a warm oil.  (I think every massage therapist needs one of these.)   You can even put the warmed oil in your hair for 20 minutes and rinse out for amazing shine.

I love using the Busy Body Melts directly on my skin after shaving.  They make my legs feel so soft and smooth and  a little bit shiny.  Plus the fragrance lasts subtly all day long.  Living in Florida it is a constant battle to keep my skin looking great and Eclipse Candle Company Body Melts help to do just that.

You can check out all of the awesome products that Eclipse Candle Company has to offer – including their jar candles, wickless warmers, and body melts – on their website –


I am excited to offer one of my readers a “Let’s Luau” Summer Giveaway package from Eclipse Candle Company which includes – 8 ounce Body Melts in “Mak’s Surf Shack”, 8 ounce Body Melts in “Let’s Luau”, 8 ounce Body Melts in “Calypso Cucumber Melon” and a Large “Let’s Luau” Jute Beach Bag!

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Making Life Easier with Country Gourmet Home #Giveaway

I love products that help to just make life a little easier… especially when it comes to food.  Growing up my mother and I used our oven as a place to store sweaters (yes, I am serious) so to say that I am lacking in the culinary department is quite an understatement.  When Amy Ramsey introduced me to Country Gourmet Home, I knew this was a product made just for me.

All of Country Gourmet Homes food mixes are handmade fresh to ensure the highest quality. All ingredients are manufactured in the USA and created from fresh herbs, spices and real fruits and vegetables.  Each product is developed with two goals in mind; (1) the finished product can only require one or two basic kitchen ingredients to complete and (2) a flavor that tickles your taste buds with the comfort of homemade goodness.

The first thing that impressed me about Country Gourmet Home was the extensive product line!   Baking mixes, Dessert mixes, Popcorn seasoning, Lemonade – there is a little bit of everything.  They even offer Wickless Wax Melts and Warmers and other cute Country Home Decor.

As I was checking out Amy’s website - I clicked on “Kid’s Corner” and immediately I had Littlest Diva in my lap playing games and printing out coloring pages.  Both of my Little Divas love cooking and concocting things in the kitchen.  I think it is fantastic that Country Gourmet Home includes the kiddos in the kitchen in a fun, safe way.


I am excited to offer one of my readers a $50 Country Gourmet Home Basket filled with all kinds of delicious mixes from Amy Ramsey, Independent Consultant for Country Gourmet Home!

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Giving Back In Style with Silpada #Giveaway

We all know that the Party Plan Industry has the best products in the World.  But sometimes you run across a Company whose products and mission to help others are equally as amazing.   Silpada is one of these amazing companies with their Silpada Foundation.

The Silpada Foundation is committed to improving lives around the world. We think everyone deserves a little Silpada-ish sparkle in his or her life, so the proceeds generated from the Silpada Foundation will benefit the health and education of women and children everywhere.

Silpada jewelry – one of the leading home party plan jewelry companies on the market today – offers an exquisite line of sterling silver jewelry designed by artisans all over the world.  Each piece is a fashion forward work of art that any woman would be proud to wear.  Their mission of “Giving Back In Style” is equally as beautiful.

To me there is nothing better than purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry and knowing that you are helping other women just like you.  Each year the Co-Founders of Silpada work with their design team to create an exclusive piece of jewelry that will benefit the Silpada Foundation. This year these beautiful cubic zirconia and sterling silver earrings will send $10 to the Silpada Foundation with every purchase.  Independent Consultant Frenttress Villani sent me this pair of earrings as part of the Christmas in July Event and they are absolutely beautiful.  The large drop stone has so much sparkle but they are light weight enough to be worn all day every day.  It is the perfect piece to “purchase with purpose” for yourself or as a gift.

You can see everything that Silpada has to offer and see how you can get more involved with the Silpada Foundation on their website


I am excited to offer one of my readers their very own pair of Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Earrings, #W2284 from Independent Consultant Frenttress Villani.
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What’s Your Story? Origami Owl Giveaway

Last December I discovered Origami Owl and have been a huge fan ever since.   Their unique “Living Lockets” are such an amazing concept, and make everyone who seems them feel special.  I mean, where else can you customize a piece of jewelry specific to the things you love?

Every Living Locket™ is custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love. To begin creating yours, you’ll need to first select charms that have meaning to you. Then, select your favorite locket + chain. Add a little personality with a hand-stamped metal plate or dangles.

I own several Living Lockets from Origami Owl and my biggest struggle is deciding which-one-to-wear-when, as I absolutely love them all.  For the Christmas in July even, Independent Consultant Dee Amaral sent me a large silver locket with crystals – filled with some of my favorite things:

The DIVA of course is for our community – my love and passion for what I do.  The little girls are for the Little Divas – one with a ruby and one with a diamond for their birthstones.  The paw print is for my furbabies who I love like my children.  And the Eiffel Tower is one of my life long dreams to visit and kiss Mike in the rain like that old vintage picture.

I love wearing a piece that is so… ME.


I am beyond excited to offer one of my readers their very own Living Locket from Dee Amaral, Independent Consultant for Origami Owl.   The giveaway will include a medium silver locket and your choice of four charms to tell your own “Story” in your locket.

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Beautiful Bling from Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry

Last year for the Holiday Gift Guide I fell in love with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry – a home party plan company founded by Dr Traci Lynn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I love how big and bold the pieces are  – letting you “get your bling on” in a big way without breaking your checkbook.

Independent Consultant Bobbette Owens sent me the Pave Rhinstone Necklace which I have gotten sooo many compliments on!   The pendant is nearly 1.5 inches square and just covered in glittering rhinestones.  It is a heavy weight because of its quality but not too heavy that it will weigh you down.  Even the pendant loop is covered in stones. The necklace hangs on a 16″ double chain that can be extended to 19″ – making it work with virtually any neckline.  You can dress it up or down – I wore it both out to a Cirque de Soleil show and to a retirement party.

For nearly 20 years, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has sold high-quality, affordable fashion jewelry through a wholesale network and direct sales. Currently, products are delivered through consultants to customers via home or office shows, personal shopping, and catalog orders.  Traci Lynn believes jewelry creates and opportunity for women to own their own businesses, balance their lives, and achieve financial independence doing something they love!

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen – and pictures on the internet just simply do not do them justice.   I love how big and BOLD each piece is – they are sure to stand out.

You can check out everything Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has to offer by visiting Bobbette’s website –


Eye Shadow For Every Eye Color – Mary Kay #Giveaway

Thinking back, I was never really “taught” how to apply makeup.  Growing up with just my Dad, “makeup lessons” weren’t exactly a priority.  My Godmother who helped raise me seldom wore makeup, so I would spend hours in front of a mirror with a huge palette of shadow colors – just testing things out.   I am sure you can imagine some of the fashion faux paxs I ended up with.

My wonderful people at Mary Kay – one of the largest and most well known makeup and skin care companies in the World – have taken all of the guesswork out of picking your best eye shadow colors, and packaged them together in Mineral Eye Color Bundles for each eye color.  Independent Consultants like Candice Kramer can even help show you the techniques for how to perfectly apply the shadow once you get the perfect color.

The Mineral Eye Color Bundles give you three mineral eye shadow colors that will accentuate your own natural eye color.  Since my eyes are a very dark brown, my perfect colors are Silky Caramel, Sienna, and Midnight Sky.  Each color fits perfectly in a Mary Kay Compact Mini – a handheld compact with a strong magnet to hold all of your colors in place.  I love this since I use more of some colors than others, so when one runs out, I simply replace that one color and pop the new one in to place.

I love the new colors in my Mineral Eye Color Bundle  – I probably never would have tried something as dark as Midnight Star on my own, but it looks fantastic!  It has just enough of a purple hue to really make my brown eyes stand out.  Plus it has little sparklies in it which I love.

My all time favorite product from Mary Kay though – and the product I truly believe every woman should not live without – is their Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.  The stuff amazes me every single night – one swoosh over my eyes removes my shadow, mascara, and liquid eyeliner.  No more having to scrub or give up and go to bed with eyeliner still on.  Plus it leaves your eyelids feeling soft and moisturized – not all dried out like everything else I have tried to use.  This tops my “Favorite Products of All Time” list.


I am excited to offer one of my readers their very own Mineral Eye Color Bundle for your eye color from Candice Kramer, Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.

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Capture Your Creativity with StampinUp! #Giveaway

Years ago I was involved in a StampinUp! Hostess Round Robin Program where we got together one night a month to “crop” and make all kinds of amazing crafts using SU paper, stamps, and dozens of little “frilly” things.  It was a night we all looked forward to every single month. It was a wonderful time with friends, making beautiful gifts for every occasion.

For over 20 years we’ve been building relationships through sharing the joy of creativity. If you enjoy card making, paper crafting, or need scrapbooking supplies, you’ll find amazing products for sale at Stampin’ Up!

What I loved about StampinUp was the products make me look WAY craftier than I really am.  With a few strategic steps – taught by awesome Creative Coaches like Jody Townsend, you can make an ordinary piece of paper turn into an extraordinary work of art.  Whether you are making Scrapbooking pages, Announcements, or Greeting Cards, StampinUp will help you make them all a work of art.

For the Christmas in July event, Creative Coach Jody Townsend sent me four Simply Scrappin’ Card Kits which included card stock, stickers, rubber stamps and embellishments all color coded together to make over a dozen unique cards!  The Little Divas and I had a blast crafting and cropping our StampinUp creations.

The StampinUp Idea Book has hundreds of ideas for every kind of card, craft, or scrapbook you can imagine.  I lost a complete hour just in awe flipping through the pages – dogearing what seemed like every other page with an idea I want to create.  I am amazed at all of the ideas in that one book – and there are even more on the website.

You can check out everything StampinUp has to offer and see all of the amazing crafty ideas on Jody’s website –



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Small Spaces – Big Scents – Gold Canyon Scentmate #Giveaway

As I have mentioned a dozen times before, I am a bit maniacal when it comes to scents in my home or office.  Mike jokes that I can “smell the food on tv” and if anything smells bad or sour I absolutely have to get up and leave.   I always have something burning or warming… and now blowing.”

At the touch of a button, instantly transform your personal space with ‘The World’s Finest fragrance. No plug or flame required. A quiet, yet powerful fan streams long-lasting fragrance into the air. Includes personal fan diffuser and 3 ScentMate Pads.

Alayna Stiffler, Independent Consultant for Gold Canyon knows my love for “clean” smells and sent me a Gold Canyon Turquoise ScentMate Scented Fan Diffuser.  I have to say – I absolutely love this little thing.  With just the touch of a button I cam fill my office with the scent of “Clean Sheets” – which comes in handy with our three foster kittens whose little litter box is next to the treadmill in my office. Last week my car began smelling a bit musty with all of the rain we have had so I took it riding around with me and it eliminated the smell.  Alayna even made the suggestion of taking it along when you travel – since you never know what your hotel room may smell like…. I still shudder from the night the only room available at the hotel was a smoking room… of how I wish I had had a ScentMate THAT night.

The ScentMate comes with little diffuser pads that you easily (and mess-free) soak with any of Gold Canyon’s fifteen Home Fragrance Oils, and then simply push the button to fill the room with fragrance.  Alayna sent me the “Clean Sheets” which I LOVE.  It is very very “clean” smelling which I prefer.   I dont really like food smells, but she also sent me Fresh Orange which surprisingly smells just exactly like a freshly cut orange.

Gold Canyon provides The World’s Finest® candles, candle scents, home décor and environmentally friendly home cleaning products.  Over 26,000 Independent Consultants span across North America sharing Gold Canyon products through in home parties, events, and expos.  You can check out everything that Gold Canyon has to offer on Alayna’s website –


I am excited to offer one of my readers their very own Gold Canyon Turquoise ScentMate Scented Fan Diffuser from Alayna Stiffler, Independent Consultant.

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