“I Think It Is a Pyramid Scheme”

One of the obstacles all Party Plan Divas must overcome is the dreaded “Is this a pyramid scheme” conversation.  This funny video does a great job at showing how ridiculous some of these conversations (and people) can be.  This is of course just for fun, but it sure does have a valid point.  Enjoy.


  1. Amanda aka Miss Mandi says:

    I just died watching that! It is sooo totally a very very valid point! I am a new member (apart of the mississippi diva’s in the Quad Cities) and am loving Party Plan Diva’s!

  2. John Goffredo says:


  3. Carla Kennedy says:

    I love this… where is the link so I can post the link on my blog in the About Business area when I create it. Love this… Can you stand it… this is so funny but you actually have people who “think it is a pyramid scheme” and refuse to understand.

  4. Angie Jones says:

    This is priceless and so funny (but true!). Excellent video – thanks so much for posting this! :)

  5. I love this video. Sometimes I just want to beat people over the head with it to make them understand. LOL

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