Monday Mingle Business Edition #4

Hey Divas! Welcome to another week of Monday Mingle Business Edition, our weekly Blog Hop where we get to talk all about our businesses and get to know each other and our readers a little bit better. If you are new and not sure how Monday Mingle Business Edition works, check out my video explaining it all right here.

Also, check out the original Monday Mingle hosted by Jen at and feel free to join in there as well!

This week’s topic:

Tell us about your WHY for being in this business.  We all know there are different reasons why people get into the Direct Sales and Party Plan Industry – tell us yours.  Was it to relieve debt?  Pay off student loans?  Buy a house?  Stay home with kiddos?  Tell us what your WHY is.

I thought the best way for me to show you my WHY was in pictures, plus I got to “play” with one of my favorite video sites –  At Animoto you can make 30 second snippet videos in literally seconds.  Upload images, choose your theme and music, and voila!   For only $5 a month you can make unlimited full length videos too!  It’s a great way to show off new Products, new Hostess Rewards… or your “WHY.”  Here are just a few of my favorite moments that owning my own business has afforded me to have – without the threat of “time off work.”   Enjoy.

Check out Animoto for all of your quick, professional video needs and link up below telling us about your WHY!!

See you next week Divas!




  1. Jan Hatchett says:

    Love your photos! You have such a great family. It’s easy to see whey they are so important to you!

  2. My why: It is so much easier than working for a pool of corporate politics, plus I have a few health problems that make it a bit difficult to work outside of the house, most employers usually frown on people who faint at work for no reason, The flexibility of working at home, making your own hours and doing what you truly enjoy just happen to be the best perks, that go along with it. I love having my own business and working from home!

    Smile and have a GREAT Monday


  3. HI Lynsey… I absolutely loved your video montage…My Why will be posted today. *

  4. uh… Am I missing something… I can’t find the Linky Tool Thingy.

  5. I enjoyed the pictures too. I’ve never had much success with Animoto. Probably because I like full editing control. [control issues much? :) ] I have heard from lots of people that love it – and sounds like it would work well with product pictures.

  6. Your family looks like they’re having so much fun! Love the pictures!

  7. Lovely video… I chose to use Animoto too, I love that site!

    But wow, I wasn’t expecting to get all emotional creating my post. Thank you for reminding us of our ‘why’s’

    ~ Natalie


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