Monday Mingle Business Edition #6

Hey Divas! Welcome to another week of Monday Mingle Business Edition, our weekly Blog Hop where we get to talk all about our businesses and get to know each other and our readers a little bit better. If you are new and not sure how Monday Mingle Business Edition works, check out my video explaining it all right here.

Also, check out the original Monday Mingle hosted by Jen at and feel free to join in there as well!

This week’s topic:

Tell us about an experience you’ve had at a training event or Convention, an interaction with a team member – some kind of good memory that made an impact on your business!

See you next week Divas! Be sure to check out the Original Monday Mingle at!



  1. Awesome – awesome – story! From such stress and fear to great applause. You go girl!
    Planning on making my video in a bit.

  2. Love it… Isn’t it wonderful, that when you come into “the company” you are surrounded my so much love, even though you don’t really know anyone?

    I personally think that as Party Plan Divas, we have the best of everything.

  3. Ha, Pensacola is well and truly on the map!

    Sorry to be linking up late – but glad to be joining you for another week of Monday Mingle!

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