Monday Mingle Business Edition #7

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This week’s topic:

One of the most common things I hear is “But what do you DO all day!?”  Tell us about your typical day – walk us through from the time you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night :)

My day begins around 6:15 every morning when I wake up and get my girls ready for school.  My oldest heads for the shower while I get the little one dressed.  Then we have breakfast together before I leave at 7:15 to take the little one to school.  When I get back I spend a few minutes catching up on emails from overnight – mostly from my International Divas who are 6+ hours ahead! ;)

We leave at 8:25 for me to take the oldest to school.  After dropping her off I sometimes head to Office Depot to pick up another round of Party Plan Divas Diva Success Sisters Planners which is my #1 selling product.  Usually I have the USPS envelopes ready so I can literally put them directly into the envelopes, tape them up, and leave them to go out that very day.

On the way home I go to the gym for about 45 minutes – spinning, treadmill, and kettle bell are becoming my best friends. After the gym I head home to get ready for the day.  Shower, hair, makeup and I am ready for the day… sometimes as late as 11am!  HA!  I spend from then until 1:30 working – coaching calls, blog posts, emails, Skype conferences, and of course on Mondays the Party Plan Divas Member Webinar.

At 1:30 I head to pick up the little one from school and enjoy 20 minutes of silence in the car line – usually with my iPhone and the StumbleUpon app which I LOVE!  Some of my best ideas and inspiration happen when I am sitting in the car line.

We get home around 2:15 and have a snack – some days it is actually my lunch if its been a particular busy day.  We do homework – she’s in Kindergarten so it is always entertaining – until we leave to pick up her sister at 3:30.   I get some “Carline Stumbling” again while we wait.

Back home at around 4:30pm I immediately start dinner – which we make a point to all sit down for together, turning off EVERY electronic while we dine.  We play “pit and peak” over dinner – the highs and lows of our days – and then clean the kitchen.   Sometimes dinner is the longest that Mike and I see each other all day – even though we both work from home.

About 6pm or so I head back to the office to catch up from the afternoon.  I try to be finished by 7 so I can spend some time on the couch with the girls before bed – usually enjoying our favorite snack of vanilla yogurt and M&Ms.  We tuck the girls in at 7:30 and head to our offices to wrap up the day.

After 7:30 my “relaxing” time begins although a lot of times I am still “working” – writing blog posts or talking to my Divas – but the truth is I love my job so much, I dont mind it at all.  I spend the evenings perusing online – checking the Diva Message Boards, the Blogging Community I am involved in, chatting on Facebook, reading other blogs, etc.

By 10pm I am usually getting sleepy so I head to bed with the DVR remote in hand.  We have a few shows we love – like Revenge, Harry’s Law, and Grey’s Anatomy – that we begin watching and more often than not fall asleep on before it is over.

A few things that have really helped me to stay on track has been some of my favorite iPhone apps that let me take just a few seconds to respond to emails, Tweets, text messages, etc.  My phone is seldom out of my sight, but I do make a point to keep the sound off – especially when I am spending time with Mike or the girls.  I keep a schedule each and every day so that I do not get too overwhelmed running Party Plan Divas, being a professional Blogger, having a family and active social life.  Some days get pretty hectic, and sometimes things fall behind – but I absolutely love my life and I wouldnt have it any other way.

What does your typical day look like?

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  1. Jan Hatchett says:

    I am impressed at how much you get done, Diva! Isn’t it great to be able to schedule work around your kiddos instead of the other way around?

  2. Lynsey, I enjoyed your typical day. I am so impresed that you get it all done, what with business, Blogs, Coaching, Being a Role Model, and last but not least having the role of wife and mother.

    It’s hard when you have to get other people (meaning children) organized and keep yourself organized at the same time. You are trully a GREAT Party Plan Diva Role Model.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. The structure in our days sound a little similar… and that time in the car line – precious!

    I admire how you fit it all in. Amazing.

  4. Love your “carline stumbling.”
    Schedule are so helpful aren’t they?
    I can’t get myself to get up as early as I should…any suggestions?

  5. Erica Ardali says:

    After I get the boys off to school I check my emails, facebook, and twitter, Hop in the shower and then I’m ready for work. I follow my DSS Calendar and do my daily tasks…


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