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You have heard me say before that none of us are really selling a product… we are selling an EXPERIENCE.  If you sell kitchen goods, you are selling the experience of creating great food in a short time.  If you sell jewelry, you are selling the experience of looking fantastic.  If you sell skin care, you are selling the experience of younger looking skin.  And if you are in the adult party plan industry, you are selling the experience of Romance.

But when it comes to selling online – how do you create the same experience… simply put: PICTURES!  Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Nings, Online Ads, Message Boards – one thing is common in all of these – when people like what they SEE - they take action.  So how do you turn an image into an experience?  Picnik.com.

Picnik.com is an online image editing tool that makes even a novice editor look like a pro.  With everything from a resizing tool to “touch ups” for teeth, skin, and hair, Picnik.com takes any image from ordinary to extraordinary.  My favorite tools include the collage feature, which allows you to put a lot of images together in one big image – like this one I created for a recent Summer Sale:

You literally just upload the images you want, and drag and drop them into the slots.  Select the background color, and voila!!  You can then save the images, upload them to Facebook or Flickr, or even send them to your local Walmart or Walgreens to be printed.

Picnik.com is also a great way to brand or watermark your own images – like I did in this image when I received a piece from Kim Rhodes, a Consultant with Just Jewelry:

Picnik.com is free, but offers a paid version for more editing features, fonts, and tools for as little as $2.08 per month.   As the winner of many online photo editing awards, Picnik.com is a great resource for all of your photo editing needs – at a great price!  Check them out and see for yourself!


  1. Lynsey,

    I too love Picnik – but I have YOU to thank for discovering it.

    I love the fact that it is so quick and easy to use. I signed up to the paid version and highly recommend it also.

    I love the graphics you have created above – beautifully done!

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