Splendid Tresses Hair Jewelry from Lilla Rose #Giveaway

Put some “bling” into your tresses with Lilla Rose – a home party plan company specializing in hair accessories for all types of hair!  Don’t just wear your jewelry on your arms and neck,  let your hair get some of the attention too!

The Lilla Rose product line centers around unique, functional, and well made hair jewelry. From our flagship Flexi Hair Clip, we have expanded to Hair Sticks, Orings, Hairbands, and Bobby Pins. From there we rounded the line out with complimentarily designed You-Pins, Badge Holders, Necklaces, and Earrings.

First let me say that when I first received my package from Olympia Johnson, Independent Consultant for Lilla Rose, I wasn’t real sure exactly WHAT I was supposed to do with the pretty sparklies.  I figured out that they were for hair… but as a girl who grew up snorkeling around the beaches of Florida, I never really got the knack for how to “do hair.”  Thankfully with Lilla Rose, no skill is involved to make your hair look gorgeous.

I received two Flexi Hair Clips… with pink stones of course.  I have very very fine hair so I was concerned about the clips being able to stay in my hair, but as luck would have it, Olympia sent me one of the smaller clips so it not only was easy to put in, but it stayed securely clipped in all day long.   I have purchased similar products in the past from deparment stores – but they were always too big and would slide out of my hair.  I was excited that the Flexi Hair Clips were small enough and “bendy” enough for me.

The second items I received were the You pins – two blingy tong-like pins which will perfectly secure even my tiny bit of hair into a beautiful bun.  I actually laughed out loud at their description – talking about pens and pencils being shoved into your hair to hold it up (I am soooo guilty of that!) so I was excited to see that these worked for me as well, and of course are MUCH more attractive… no offense to all of my Bic pens.  ;)

You can check out dozens of styles and tutorials on the Lilla Rose Youtube Channel as well as Olympia’s YouTube Channel  (you all know how much I love videos!!)


I am excited to give one of my readers a $35 Gift Certificate to Lilla Rose from Olympia Johnson, Independent Consultant.  You can choose anything you like – but I really recommend the Flexi Hair Clips… :)

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  1. Erica Ardali says:

    This is like a gold mine for me since I went Natural – I am always pinning this curly hair up somewhere so I’d like the Stone-Set Cluster Bobby Pins.

  2. I have a few “flexi-clips” myself – and they’re great! The extra large holds up my massive amount of hair even!

  3. If I would win a gift certificate I would order the Silver Princess tiara one (#8-0782). (Might have to order one sometime anyway! SO pretty!

  4. Cyndi Hollman says:

    I’ve never heard of this company. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Everthing is cute! I would have a hard time choosing, but love the bobby pins and head bands!

  5. I would try the flexi-clips. I am letting my hair grow and it has been getting on my nerves – I keep pulling it back. It would be nice to have a fancy way to do that inside of those red, blue, green, yellow gummy things.

  6. I would like the headbands, they are so 70′s!

  7. I would love to have the Daisy Dangle Freestyle Clip for one and then maybe Lovely Circle Pink.

  8. I really like the bobby pins. My daughter even picked out a few that shed’ like.

  9. wow so many lovely clips I would get a few of the clips my favorite is number 2-0979 Lovely Circle Stone-set

  10. Regina Pragana says:

    I love these! I have one and I wish I had bought more than one. The Swarovski stones are beautiful and add a nice touch to Touchstone Crystal Jewelry:)

  11. Meredith Jones says:

    Summer Fun Flip Flop

  12. shanta spradlin says:

    I would get the Diamond Center Dangle

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