Stuff The Stockings with Jamberry Nails

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Jamberry Nails

I have had a standing appointment every two weeks since I was a Freshman in High School to get my nails done.  It is one of those things I am ridiculously OCD about.  The joke of a “broken nail” being a complete catastrophe…. yes, I am that girl.   So when I started hearing about “Jamberry Nails” I was immediately intrigued…. you mean I can do this at home!?

Jamberry Nails was created by three Sisters to “provide a simple way to brighten your day.  We constantly get letters and feedback from customers letting us know how much they love the product and how many compliments they get day after day. We know you’ll love the product too and feel great wearing your Nail Shields. You’ll also love Jamberry Nails because of how easily they can be applied and how many different looks you can acheive by mixing and matching. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the convenience of your own home. We are passionate about making a great product and keeping up with the latest trends in our designs.”

Danielle Powanda sent me a sample of the Jamberry Nail Shields.  Even after watching the video and seeing the product online, I was still really skeptical.  It just seemed too simple!   But since getting them in and using them – I realize that is the beauty of this product.  It is beautiful… and simple.  It dosnt get much better than that.

Jamberry Nails are nail “shields” and by warming them with a simple household hair dryer you can turn your finger and toe nails into works of art in just a matter of minutes.  Jamberry Nails last up to two weeks on your fingers and up to six weeks on your toes!  Just like a salon mani/pedi!!   The colors vary from bright, vibrant colors and patterns, to basic classic shades.   At a price of only $15 per set -which includes enough shields to do 2 or 3 sets – you can get a salon like mani or pedi for around $5!

To check out the entire Jamberry Nails product line and to see a detailed video of exactly how they work, plus how you can order in time to stuff your stockings full for Christmas,  check out Danielle’s website at