Join Me On Home Party Radio with Deb Bixler

I am so excited to team up this week with fellow Direct Sales Coach Deb Bixler for her Create A Cash Flow Show Radio Show!   Deb and I were both featured on The Mind Aware the last two seasons, and I am excited to have the opportunity to work together again!

Trained culinary chef turned passionate speaker, Deb Bixler took her corporate success and turned it into a direct sales phenomenon. Retiring from a 30 year career in 2000 she started her work business to escape long hours and stress. As a home party direct seller Deb built a home business and sales team which provided her with an income capable of replacing her corporate salary of $80,000 per year in only 9 months. Deb now teaches home party plan consultants the skills and best business practices that all successful businesses use to achieve success.

The CashFlowShow – Direct Sales Radio airs LIVE NEW shows every 2nd and 4th Wednesday and every day in between are show replays to give you more opportunity to enjoy each show and share with your team.  You can even listen in while on the go with your smart phone!

Join us this Wednesday, December 12th at 8pm Eastern to learn strategies for controlling your clock!  Time Management is a critical piece to the success of your business and well being.  If you have ever felt stressed, overwhelmed, like you are falling behind, or just unsure of what the next step in your career path is, Deb and I are here to help.   Together we bring nearly 25 years of personal experience in the Direct Sales Industry, and we are eager and excited to share it with you!

Check out all of the details on the Cash Flow Show Radio as well as a learn the “Five P’s To Time Management Success” on Deb’s Blog – and join us Wednesday night!

What is your biggest Time Management Obstacle?


~Lynsey Jones
The Party Plan Coach

How To Use TweetGrid For Twitter Parties

Each month the Party Plan Divas hosts a Twitter Party where we talk about some of the hottest topics in the Direct Sales Industry.  It is a fun, fast paced event that you can learn new business ideas, meet other Divas, and brainstorm for ways to build your business.  Each month I am asked HOW to participate in a Twitter Party, so I made a quick video to show you my favorite tool – TweetGrid.

TweetGrid is a powerful Twitter Search Dashboard that allows you to search for up to 9 different topics, events, converstations, hashtags, phrases, people, groups, etc in real-time. As new tweets are created, they are automatically updated in the grid. No need to refresh the page!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!  Otherwise I look forward to seeing YOU at the next Party Plan Divas Twitter Party on Wednesday, October 24th at 8pm CST. Follow the hashtag #partyplandivas to participate! We will be talking about Holiday Sales Success with Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Party Plan Divas

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Here is the UPDATED list of  the Top Plugins I recommend for all Party Plan Divas blogs:

1. Akismet -the ultimate in blocking spam in your comments. Comes with the standard installation of WordPress. Before getting started with your blog, take a few moments to configure your Akismet plugin.

2. All In One SEO – The “Out of the Box” SEO solution for WordPress.

3. LinkWithin – Provides and image list of “related articles” for your readers to easily click to see more.

4. Contact Form 7 – The easiest solution for collecting information from your readers and guests. Create custom forms will very basic HTML knowledge.

5. All-In-One Events Calendar – Simple yes highly functional Event calendar that displays in its own page or your sidebar. List your parties, open houses, opportunity meetings, conference calls and more!

6. JetPack – Bring the power of the cloud to your self-hosted WordPress. Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a account to use the powerful features normally only available to users.

7. Facebook Like Box – Facebook Like Box Widget is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to: see how many users already like this page, and which of their friends like it too, read recent posts from the page and Like the page with one click, without needing to visit the page.

8. Shareaholic – Share all of your blog posts seamlessly through numerous Social Media platforms.

9. And The Winner Is… – Easily pulls winners of contests and giveaways from the comments left on that post.

10. Tweet Old Post – Keep even older posts fresh with “Tweet Old Post” which will automatically Tweet URLs of older posts.

There are hundreds of other PlugIns available for WordPress. Comment here and let us know YOUR favorite!

A Bit Of Summer Sparkle from Touchstone Crystal #Giveaway

When it comes to sparkle, few things can compare to the brilliance of Swarovski crystals. Since the 1800′s the Swartz/Swarovski family has been cutting glass and crystals to make beautiful glass sculptures, jewelry, home decor and chandeliers.

As a Member of the Swarovski Group, Touchstone Crystal brings this tradition of beauty and excellence right into your home through their team of Independent Consultants like Regina Pragana.  With their five different jewelry collections you can find a piece to accent every outfit, event, or special occasion.

Discover something brilliant with Touchstone Crystal. We want to help you feel renewed, inspired and oh so fashionable. We are a company that celebrates women just like you, and offers an unparalleled career opportunity designed to help you and all of your brilliance bloom!

I chose to review the Gold Coast Earrings – beautiful little starfish that remind me of home.  They are available in gold and silver and honestly, I can not even choose a favorite.  Pictures do not do these little beauties justice.  They have more sparkle than any picture could ever show.  They are lightweight – which is important – and have a nickle free lever back so they are secure on your ears.

Every purchase from Touchstone Crystal receives a free “Touchstone” – brilliant XIlION-cut Touchstone charm of your choice.  Each color symbolizes an emotion – Love, Balance, Inspire, Care, Connect, Live, and Accomplish. They come in silver or gold with a lobster clasp so you can add them to any piece you have now, or let them be their very own centerpiece.


I am excited to offer one of my readers their very own pair of Gold Coast Earrings in your choice of gold or silver from Regina Pragana, Independent Consultant with Touchstone Crystal. *Also, Regina will be doing a random drawing for a free gift when her Facebook Page hits 100 fans!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

10% Off Customized Catalog Bags from TRN Designs

Hey Divas!  You may remember a few months ago when I did a product review for a great company called TRN Designs.   Karen from TRN Designs has some of the cutest catalog purses - and at the best prices I have ever found – for all Party Plan Consultants.  I absolutely love sporting my “Party Plan Coach” bag and it has been a great conversation starter in so many different circumstances!

A bit about TRN Designs:


Since 2005, TRN Designs has been designing and creating unique and funky personalized gifts that are a pleasure to own and have a little of the “wow” factor. In addition to our huge selection of gifts, we continue to top the marketplace with custom-designed catalog bags for direct sales reps and home party planning businesses.

We are a small studio in Atlanta, GA that is bursting with creativity and lots of fabric! The company was founded on the love of gifting, creating through good design, and through the endless inspiration of my daughter, Taylor Renee, who passed in 1998 from a brain tumor at age 2, and for whom the company is named.

Our mission is to design and create gifts that are truly unique and a pleasure to give and own, while adhering to the principles of leaving a minimal impact on the environment. We use recycled shipping materials when possible.

I am excited to announce Karen is offering just to my Divas a “Spring Special” for 10% off her already awesome prices!  Use the promo code DIVA27 for 10% off your order at

You can check out the website or the TRN Designs Facebook Page to see dozens of pictures of all of Karen’s awesome products - including great stuff for Team Recognition Gifts!!   (I see “Diva” koozies in my near future ;)  )

Tips For A Great Customer eNewsletter

Try Constant Contact FREE for 60 days!Offering a Customer Newsletter (or eNewsletter) is one of the most TIME effective and COST effective things you can do to increase your Party Plan Business in big ways.  Reports show that companies that use eNewsletters have seen an increase in business both in first time sales and even larger increase in returning sales.   eNewsletters can also increase your customer loyalty, referrals, and enhance your reputation as an “expert” in your field.

But how do you know you are writing a great eNewsletter?  Here are some tips for making each eNewsletter that you send an exciting, effective marketing tool.

Carefully plan out your content.

Each eNewsletter should include these five vital pieces:

  • a welcome note from you
  • a product highlight and/or special with testimonials
  • hostess rewards with a call to action to “book your party now”
  • information on the business opportunity with a call to action to “join my team”
  • and an informational article relating to your industry

The welcome note should be a personal, upbeat note in your own words that thanks your readers for reading the newsletter, tells a bit about something you might be “excited” about, things going on with your business etc.  Make sure it is positive and upbeat – it will most likely be the first thing your customer reads.  Make sure it makes a great first impression.

Always highlight a single product or product bundle with a link to purchase going directly to that product check out page if possible.  Include a picture, description, sale or special if applicable, and a testimonial – even if it is your own!   Include a call to action (“Order Now While Supplies Last”) to create a sense of urgency and inspire your reader to purchase.

Hostess Rewards and Opportunity should be in every single eNewsletter you send out!  You never know who might receive your mailing at “just the right time” for them to book a party or join your team.  Your Hostess Rewards should include the sales or specials for the upcoming month – encouraging bookings early in your month to help “front load” your month to increase your monthly volume.  Also include a call to action with these as well.

A Informational Article turns your eNewsletter into a resource instead of simply a sales page.  By offering “free” information – tips, ideas, strategies, etc – your readers will come to know that your eNewsletters are full of useful information for them – even if they do not intend to purchase at this time.  Instead of simply deleting the eNewsletter, they are more inclined to open it to see what they might learn.  Your readers will be drawn in with the article, and may venture over to reading your sales pieces as well.  Either way you are continuing to show that you are knowledgeable in your field and willing to share what you know.

Try Constant Contact FREE for 60 days!

Build Your eNewsletter List.

Even if you have the best, most well written eNewsletter EVER – if no one is receiving it, your business is not going to benefit at all.   The larger your mailing list, the more beneficial each eNewsletter will be.

At your parties, ask your party goers for their email address to add to your email newsletter list.  If you are using the “Three Ways to Be Involved” introduction at your parties, include the eNewsletter offer when talking about benefits of being a customer or client.

Write a report or eBook to offer for free to everyone who signs up to your eNewsletter.   eNewsletter software such as Constant Contact give you the option of creating an auto responder which can give your brand new readers a free eBook or report when they opt-in to receive your eNewsletter.  The report can be “Top Ten Tips” for your industry, a great “how to” report, etc.  Remember, YOU are an expert – and the training you receive from your company is meant to build your business.  Share what you know!

Invite people to join your eNewsletter via your Social Media outlets, email, voice mail, etc.  With an Opt-In form – which most all eNewsletter software offer you – you can offer the opportunity for people to sign up for your eNewsletter no matter where they live, what time zone they are in, etc.  Your Opt-In form will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So spread the word about your Newsletter on your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, account, LinkdIn, in the side bar of your blog, in the signature on your email – everywhere!

Timing Is Everything.

The whole foundation of Party Plan Divas is a Time Management System that I have specifically created for Party Plan Consultants.  If you follow the Diva Success System, you know that I recommend your eNewsletters are sent out on the 20th day of each month.   This may go against other trainings you have seen that suggest sending them out near the beginning of the month, but let me explain why the 20th is an ideal time frame for your eNewsletter.

Sending later in the month creates that sense of urgency with your sales and specials because the “offer” is only good for another 10 or so days.   When you receive a “sale” that is good for an entire month, it is easy for a customer to think “oh, I want that, but it can wait till next payday.”  Chances are you will be long forgotten about by the time that next payday rolls around.

The 20th day of the month also gives you time to get some Hostess Coaching in – even if your Hostess books for the very first day of the next month!  Let’s say you send out your eNewsletter the morning of February 20th, and you receive an email or call of a hostess asking to have a party on March 1st – that gives you a full eight days to get invitations in the mail, get her some catalogs to show for outside orders, etc.  You can still get some of the vital Hostess Coaching steps in even with a party the very first day.

Likewise with the Business Opportunity information, most every Party Plan Company has a blueprint for getting started on the right track in the first month of her career.  With that in mind, you have the 8-11 days from the time the eNewsletter is mailed out until the first day of the following month to meet with her, tell her more about the opportunity, etc – even to schedule a KickOff Party if you choose to get her started at the beginning of the month and help her have a fantastic “first month in the business.”

With eNewsletter software you can also track your statistics to see who opened your eNewsletter, what they clicked on, and whether or not they shared or forwarded the email.  You can easily track what works – and what doesn’t!

 Be Consistent

With anything else in your business, consistency is key.   This is why I recommend The Diva Success System – it helps you to stay on track and solidify a system so that you can maintain consistency on every aspect of your Party Plan business.  Your eNewsletter readers will come to know and expect an email from you each month, and will look forward to readingTry Constant Contact FREE for 60 days! what you have in store for them every single month.  Sporadic, thrown together emails are obvious and annoying, and show disorganization within your business.  Create the habit, get in the routine, and give your eNewsletter the same priority as every other part of your business.

An email Newsletter is a phenomenal way to increase your business quickly, economically, and effectively right from your home.  You can work on your eNewsletter with your children at home, with or without a car in the driveway, or even in the middle of the night when you finally get some time to concentrate. You do not have to pick up the 600 pound phone, or worry about what you are going to “say” to someone.

Whatever your situation, you can begin right now to increase your business using an eNewsletter.


A Marketing Lesson… From KY Brand

Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.  ~Milan Kundera

Last week while perusing the Valentine’s Section at the Pharmacy while waiting on a prescription to be filled I saw the new KY Brand Yours + Mine “Date Night Pack.”   The box grabbed my attention with  “Everything you need for a Perfect Date Night” scrolled across the front.  Talk about clever marketing.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, KY Brand has partnered with to offer $10 off two tickets to any movie with the purchase of the KY Date Night Pack.  In addition to that, when you spend $25 on any combination of KY Brand products from RiteAid now through February 12, you will receive a $25 voucher to as well – putting dinner and a movie together with your KY Brand enhancers.

My first thought – GENIUS.

See, marketing has so much to do with strategy – positioning – innovation – and KY Brand understands that completely.  They have put together strategic partnerships with some of their best alliances, making a total win-win for every company involved.

They have also made it easy for their customers – who essentially make one purchase (the KY Date Night Pack) and have the entire evening laid out for them with dinner and a movie.   It puts everything needed for a “perfect night of romance” together in one simple place.

I think my favorite part about this though, is thinking about someone in the KY Brand Marketing Department had to be thinking “outside of the box” and have a genuine desire to help the CUSTOMER by putting products that most would think were “unrelated” (or at least *I* did lol) into a “Date Pack” that makes total sense and benefits everyone.

What kind of products do you have that you can “pair up” with other somewhat “unrelated” products or services to help your customers and benefit not only yourself, but maybe others in your community?   You already have a fantastic product – but what can you add to give it even more appeal?

Off the top of my head I can think of a few -

Skin Care Divas – have you thought about talking to manicurists about partnering “spa packs?”  Or what about talking to some Jamberry Nails Divas about putting packages together?

Or Health and Wellness Divas – have you thought about talking to some Personal Trainers to offer your customers a customized package?   Or even pairing up with a Skin Care Diva to do a color make over along with your healthy makeover!

How about the Home Decor Divas talking to Interior Designers – or even the “Paint Party” places that are sprouting up every where?  You could even work with a Candle Diva to come up with a great package for the home.

Kudos to the KY Brand Marketing Department for “thinking outside the box” and not being afraid to stretch and reach out to other “unrelated” companies and products.  That is BOLD innovation!

How can you use this same thinking to benefit you and your business?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below! Go BOLD Diva!

The Law Of Abundance

Today is the day for you to “Sign your check” as part of the New Moon Celebration and the Law of Abundance.  Here is an article I wrote last year about the Law of Abundance – what it is, why you should participate, and how you can get started right now on making 2012 your best year ever.

As a huge believer and follower of the Law of Attraction, I was excited to read up on the Law of Abundance that my local radio was discussing as I drove my angels to school this morning.  The “Morning Guys”  from WABB in Mobile, Alabama  use it and swear by it as a way to bring success and wealth to your life.

I came home and read several sites on the Law of Abundance, looking for more information.  I found several sites that I never knew existed – including, and more.  I was excited to read the same kind of stories that I have known, loved, and LIVED with the Law Of Attraction.

One site summed up the Law of Abundance by stating:  The universe exists on the principle of abundance. It is by giving that you receive. This is the law of abundance, which stipulates that we cannot enjoy the riches of the universe unless we are willing to share them with others.

Basically: it is an Ancient Chinese tradition to guarantee prosperity in the New Year.

Bringing it to the 21st Century: The Law of Abundance Check!

I want to challenge you all to join me TODAY, January 23rd to celebrate the New Moon by writing your own Law of Abundance Check.  Here is how it works:
1. Take a Blank Check.
2. You shouldn’t date the check at all – (why limit your abundance to a single day?)
3. Make the check out to yourself.
4. Use your full legal name.
5. Leave the dollar box and line blank.
6. In the memo area write, “paid in full.”
7. Sign the check, “Law of Abundance”

That’s it! You will need to keep the check with you at all times in the New Year (except when bathing & sleeping), so put it in your wallet, purse, planner – whatever you keep closest to you at all times.

You MUST complete this task before the first NEW moon of the year (which is TODAY – January 23rd).: Experts say, we should complete it within 24 hours of the new moon.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you will be joining us today, and let’s see how this Law effects us all in 2012!

The 100 Club Challenge from Party Plan Divas

Are you ready to “Go All In” and set a BOLD Goal for 2012?  Join The 100 Club from Party Plan Divas!

Here are are nine days into the New Year…. and some of you are still struggling with setting your goals.  I know, I can totally understand – I used to be the same way.  I used to resist setting goals, avoid writing them down, conveniently “forget” to dial in on the Goal Setting calls…. trust me, I get it.

Goal setting is tough – whether you go SMART or BOLD.  It is hard to know exactly where to begin, and how do you get “specific” when what you want to say is “I want it all?!”  See, I told you I understand.

So to help you get started, and to give you a BOLD Goal to start with, I am issuing a Challenge to every single one of you to join The 100 Club from Party Plan Divas.  Check out this video to learn more:

Ready to jump in?  Great!  If you want to be a part of the challenge you can grab the button above for your blog or Facebook page, and if you want The 100 Club Challenge Form you can email and I will send it right over.

Remember this is for FUN and to get you excited and motivated about 2012!  Imagine what will happen to your business with 100 parties…. higher sales, more bookings, and new team members!!   You have the entire year, but get started now and see if you can put three parties on the books before you head to bed.  That’s BOLD!

I hope you will join in the Challenge with us, and be a part of The 100 Club from Party Plan Divas!  This is a simple, achievable goal if you set your mind to it, and it will increase every single other aspect of your Party Plan Business.  It is a bit BOLD, but that’s our motto this year – Go Bold or Go Home!  You can do it Diva!

See you at the top!!


Home Party Plan Games for Direct Sales Parties

With a New Year beginning, it is a good time to change up your Party Presentation to offer your new Hostesses and Party Goers a new experience at your parties. Plus, it makes it more fun for you if you have fallen into the monotony of doing the same thing over… and over… and over….

One way to change up your Party Presentation is to add some new fun games for your guests to play! Done correctly, Party Games can be very beneficial to the success of your party! The truth is, the more FUN people have at your Home Show, the more likely they are to want to do it again! Playing just a game or two will get people laughing, having fun, and leave the memory of a fun, relaxed shopping experience with their friends that they will want to do again and again.

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Home Party Plan Games for you to try at your next party!

1. Just A Phone Call Away

At the beginning of your party ask everyone to take out their cell phones and hold them in their hand. You will have yours in your hand as well. Tell them this is the easiest game to win all night! *ha!*Ask everyone to dial in your number – call it out to them number by number – and then when you say GO – everyone hits call. Obviously your phone will ring since they are all calling you – simply answer the phone to find the “winner” on the line. Give her a little goodie for having the “fastest fingers in the room” HA! THEN – while everyone still has their phone out, ask them to SAVE YOUR NUMBER with your first name and company – i.e. Lynsey Party Plan Divas, Su Passion Parties, Eliza Jewels by Parklane, etc. Tell them that they have your number forever now, and if they ever need anything, you are JUST A CALL AWAY – ask them to please put their phones on vibrate or silent to not disrupt the party, and then begin with your Party Presentation.

2. Drop The Shoe

This will get guests talking to each other and your products. As each guest comes in, have each guest leave 1 shoe under their chair and put the other in the middle of the room. After everyone has arrived tell them to pick a shoe from the middle (not their own) and find the pair. Once they find it, have them find out what their favorite _______ product is and 1 reason why they should book a party. Once they have done conversing, go around the room and have each person introduce their “shoe friend”. It will sound like this “This is Suzy’s Shoe, her favorite item is ______, and she should book a party because________.

3. Recruiting Rhyme

If any selling you have done before, put down 10 to start your score. If you have a car and are able to drive, the thing to do is just add 5. If some extra money is what you would like, add 10 more which is just about right. A little spare time will add to your score, for this you may add 15 more. If you like people and think they are grand, add 6 more and see where you stand. Add 10 points if you think parties are fun, and when you add this you are almost done. If you score the highest, it is plain to see a_________________rep is what you should be. Add 10 more if you want to be a _______________rep, like me! (Thanks Vicki!)

4. Alphabet Game

Write each letter of the alphabet on a 3×5 index card. Hold each card up like a “flash card” and give it to the person who yells out a word having to do with your business (product, opportunity, etc) that starts with the letter you held up! The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins! (I also give a gift to the person with the least)

5. Crossed Out

As your guests arrive, give every few people a small gift. (For example, you can give every 4th person a gift (or give out the gifts however you choose). As soon as everyone is sitting, tell the group about the “no crossing” rule. If a person holding a gift is caught crossing her legs, then she must relinquish her gift to the person who catches her crossing her legs. This game should be played for the first half of the party. At the halftime everyone who has a gift gets to open it. (If a person who already has a gift catches someone with a gift crossing her legs, she can either trade gifts with that person, or choose a person who is “gift less” to give the extra gift to).

6. Thread Intro

Pass a spool o thread around to your guests and tell them to take as much as they want. Tell them you want to get to know them a little. Tell each guest to talk about themselves as they wrap the thread around their forefinger. When they teach the end they can stop. Start with your hostess. Go around the room till everyone is introduced.

7. Pass The Prize

Have a wrapped prize ready for this fun game. Hand 1 person the gift and have them follow the instructions as you read them. The person who is holding the prize at the end is the winner! (Similar to the Left Right Game)

“You thought all the gifts were meant for you. But I have other items too. So hold up this gift and look around, and give it to the one with eyes of brown. You think you are the lucky one, but let us all share in the fun! Look around with eyes discreet, and give it to the one with the smallest feet. Your feet are tiny and very small. Now hand it to someone very tall. Please, take your time and don’t be harried. Give it to the one who is longest married. You must be proud of your married life, now pass this on to the newest wife. If this parcel you are bereft, give it to the one on your left. The largest earring I’m looking for now, if you’re wearing them, step up with a bow. Now to the person with buttons– big or small, any kind, the most you can find gets the gift at this time. Now don’t get cross and please don’t fight, but pass it to the lady third on the right. We should stop now, don’t you agree? The gift is yours to open and see.”

8. Replace Your Husband

An ice breaker game to play at the beginning of the party
Have each guest write down an item in their house they need to repair or replace. Then have them list 5 simple reasons they want to get rid of it. Now have them cross out the item and place their husbands name in that place. Go around the room and have each person read aloud “I want to replace (husband’s name) because he….(the 5 reasons). The funniest answers win.

9. The Lei Game

This is a great game to play in the warm months or a themed party. Also great if you are offering the Vacation Vouchers for your Hostesses! As you reward your hostess with a gift for inviting you into her home, also adorn her with 3 lei’s. Announce to the crowds that during your presentation if they want to book a party yell out loud “I wanna PARTY!” The hostess will give her one of the leis around her neck. Offer an incentive for the hostess to get 3 bookings and she will also encourage her friends to book a party with you.

10. Party Bingo

Give each guest a blank bingo card and you should have a bag or box filled with cards that have your demo products listed on each one. As you go through your presentation, have them randomly fill in the names of items you show on their card. After you have done with your presentation, draw 4 cards from your bag or box and call them out. For the 5th one say there are 2 free boxes, 1 for booking a party today with me and 1 for becoming a consultant today, please fill those squares in. continue to draw product cards till someone says BINGO.

Check out Party Plan Divas for more games, tips, and ideas for boosting your Home Party Plan Business!

What are some of your favorite Party Games?