There’s Only One You! Initials, Inc

When I was a little girl I loved having my name on EVERYTHING. Since my name has a unique spelling, it was absolutely impossible to find anything “premade,” so everything had to be customized to my L-Y-N-S-E-Y.   I went to school during the “Hello Kitty” days and remember being absolutely fanatical about “the box” (a glorified pencil box with Hello Kitty and some of her friends) that on of the employees would use a paint pen to decoratively put my name on.

When I started my business this love transferred over to having my business name on everything – not even really realizing in the beginning that I was nonchalantly marketing my business – I was just going for the coolness factor.

Now, many years later, Consultants like Marie James with Initials, Inc are bringing that “coolness factor” back with customizable bags, totes, lunchboxes, backpacks and more!

Since early 2005 Initials, Inc has had thousands of “Creative Partners” who are showing off their exceptional line of personalized handbags and accessories in the home party plan.

The core company message of ‘There’s only one you!’ is celebrated through amazing personalized products, top in category career path and an abundance of opportunity for all that seek more for themselves and their families!

Marie James, Independent Consultant for Initials Inc began her business because the products  “help me, a busy mom of 2 and a nurse, stay organized AND fashionable! And I love giving personalized gifts because it represents caring and thoughtfulness.”   Plus I bet the coolness factor helped too  😉

Marie sent me a Desk Organizer which… in a word… is AWESOME.  It has six front pockets of different sizes plus stands up on its own, and has a removable base so you can fold it right up to store or take with you anywhere you want to go.  It even has handles on the side so when you pack it full – like I did of course – you can easily carry it as needed. I put my Diva Success Sisters Chapter stuff!   It fits file folders and binders perfectly, but I can see using it for all kinds of storage – cookbooks, photo albums, dvds – whatever.

She also included a matching Clip It Case – which my daughter quickly confiscated for her own use.  The Clip It Case is a small zippered bag with a carabiner “clip” that will let you attach it to virtually anything.  My daughter put her little smart phone in it and clipped it to her belt loop with the earbuds hanging out and jammed out around the house.  *silently*  It was fantastic.

You can check out everything Initials, Inc has to offer on Marie’s website –  and her Facebook Page where she will be giving away a $25 item when she reaches 100 fans!