Vessel Scents of Style Review & #Giveaway

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I love a product that “multitasks” – one product that does multiple jobs.  When Susan Harward and Karen Carter first introduced me to the brand new party plan company – Vessel Scents of Style – I knew I had found the perfect new “multitasking” piece!

Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for jewelry and fragrance. Merging fragrance and jewelry into custom accessory pieces, Vessel creates the fusion of scent and style.  Vessel is a direct sales, home party company built to empower women and give them an opportunity to love their work while building a successful future for themselves.

I have to admit, I was completely blown away by the level of innovation the two founders of this company has.  Jewelry and fragrance?!  Together!? GENIUS!  If there are two things I make sure to put on every single day –  it is jewelry and perfume.  No question.  Now with my Vessel Scents of Style necklace I get to do both at the same time.

With Vessel Scents of Style you can choose your locket which you can then fill with ScentSpheres – round, heart, flower or star shaped scented beads that you put into your locket – giving you a great scent without having to touch your skin.  This is perfect for women who have allergies or skin sensitivities  who do not want to put a fragrance directly onto their skin.  You can even order unscented ScentSpheres that you can spray your own perfume or essential oils on to have your own fragrance.

Karen and Susan sent me a Circle Vessel Locket with a Star and Turquoise charm.  I told her I liked very “clean” scents, so she surprised me with Aqua ScentSpheres which perfectly matched the turquoise charm, scented with Cucumber Green Tea fragrance.  I admit I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the locket – I expected something much smaller – but liked that not only was the locket larger, but the chain was longer as well.

Vessel’s range of chains, lockets and scented inserts are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every locket or charm can be attached to any chain, and each locket can be filled with our proprietary ScentSpheres infused with a choice of tantalizing fragrance that suites each individual perfectly. Create a casual style with a fresh scent and fun jewelry selection, a formal style with a more intense fragrance and elegant jewelry piece, or anything in between.

You can check out Vessel Scents of Style’s entire product line, plus their generous hostess and compensation plan, on their website –

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  1. I like the rectangle locket and the heart locket so I would be happy with either.

  2. I would get the large heart of the medium circle

  3. Sarah Elston Yurga says:

    Rectangle is my favorite – it has a tree of life effect that I love

  4. The purse locket is my favorite.

  5. Erica Ardali says:

    I like the Antique gold large heart locket

  6. Kim Burnett says:

    the purse locket is my fave.

  7. I love the Heart Locket, but I think I’d have to get a couple of charms to go with it. They’re all beautiful!

  8. April Dabel says:

    This look amazing. And beautiful.

  9. Rhodium plated medium circle locket

  10. Clever Colleen says:

    The heart locket rocks. Great stuff.

  11. I like the leaf locket.

  12. Nikkita Hill says:

    Antique silver medium circle locket

  13. Heather Garcia says:

    Love the teardrop locket

  14. renee walters says:

    I like the leaf locket. Thanks!

  15. I would get the diamond locket if I won. How beautiful.

  16. Gold Heart Locket with the black scent spheres

  17. I like the leaf locket.

  18. wendy wallach says:

    i like diamond rp

  19. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    I like the Rhodium plated large heart locket

  20. I like the leaf locket.

  21. Tanya White says:

    I would choose the Rhodium plated large heart locket – 1 3/4″ x 2″

  22. I would choose the teardrop with the Aqua ScentSpheres :)

  23. I would pick the teardrop.

  24. Angela Cash says:

    I would choose the Rhodium plated small rectangle locket – 1″ x 5/8″

  25. I would choose the silver oval locket.

  26. Antique gold large heart locket !!!!

    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  27. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    I think the gunmetal heart locket would make a perfect gift.

  28. Vikki Billings says:

    I would choose the Heart Rhodium plated small heart locket – 3/4″ x 1″

  29. Shirley Zolenski says:

    I like the gold heart locket

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