You Can Do It With Tomboy Tools #Giveaway

When I was a single mom I learned how to fix all kinds of things around the house.  I learned how to rewire an electrical socket, fix a leaky sink, replace a toilet… I even know how to replace an idle air compressor on a Ford truck.  (don’t ask)  Being on a budget and loving the feeling of accomplishing something on my own led me to fall in love with “DIY” and I have happily enjoyed the making (and fixing) of all kinds of things around my house ever since.

At Party Plan Divas I talk a lot about how much easier it is to accomplish anything when you have the right tools for the job.  Any carpenter can tell you – tools make all of the difference.  When I discovered Tomboy Tools a little over a year ago I just fell in love.    Ergonomically designed tools for women…. in PINK! 

Tomboy Tools strives to provide educational resources and opportunities for women (and girls) that will help inspire them and build their confidence in using tools. Most of Tomboy Tools’ product line of high-quality pink tools was designed in response to the growing demand of women wanting their own quality tools in pink, as well as our vision to give back to causes we are passionate about through our Pink for a Purpose initiative. Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers and manufacturers to provide tools that are effective, lightweight, durable, high-quality and comfortable for women.

Tomboy Tools was recently in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Brilliant Companies, and their thousands of Independent Consultants would agree.   Through the hosting of  Tool Parties “guests learn simple tool applications, cost-effective techniques, share project ideas and money saving tips and gain the confidence to tackle basic projects on their own in a fun, social and engaging environment.”

You can also find tons of ideas on Marilyn’s Blog –


I am excited to offer one of my readers her very own Tomboy Tools Basic Kit from Marilyn Fox Lewis, Independent Consultant for Tomboy Tools.   The Basic Set includes magnetic hammer, tape measure, pliers and screw driver in a flat zippered canvas bag.
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  1. I have several Tomboy Tool products. I have the jumper cables, in pink of course, and have been able to help others when they can’t get their car started. I love the look on the faces of men who have used them, lol! Priceless is all I can say!

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