A Proud Party Plan Mama

Direct Sales Leadership Success StoryLast night I had a party with one of the greatest groups of ladies I have ever done a party for.

They are friends of my most recent new recruit, so she went along with me to shadow – she had said she wasn’t *quite* ready to do it herself yet, which was perfectly fine with me – she just signed up last WEEK!

With my parties I take a break in the middle to make sure I don’t lose everyone’s attention.
(Remember, the average attention span for an adult is 30 minutes!)

So at break she starts getting excited and I ask if she wants to finish the party. She said yes and ran over to the table to start studying what was left.

She started to get more and more nervous as the break was coming to an end, so I suggested she play a really fun game that really has no purpose but gets everyone moving and laughing. She did fantastic and then I could tell she was HOOKED!

She went straight from the game into the final half of the presentation like a pro.

I sat back and watched my new recruit find her own way, in her own words, finish up the party beautifully. I felt like a Mom watching her daughters first recital or sons first game … quietly!


Truth was I was just as nervous for her as she was, but with a gentle push, she did it on her own and did great.

Direct Sales Leadership Success Story

Leadership and parenting have a lot in common.

With Leadership it is your job to show your new recruits the RIGHT way to do things, and give a gentle push to help them do it on their own, while still letting them know you are there to support them every step of the way.

You must “practice what you preach” and lead by example, and be there if they need a helping hand.

Last night I sat back and proudly watched my new “baby” take her “first steps”, and I remembered again why I love this business, love this industry, and love working with women around the world to feel as amazing as I did last night – AND as amazing as Kristen did being “up on stage” as she called it, for the first time. Its nice to have those “little reminders” to assure you when you are in exactly the right place, in exactly the right time.

Direct Sales Leadership Success Story