And Then It Hit Me!

So last night I am sitting with the hunny on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy (which was fabulous of course) and as always we chat between commercials. Well, during one of the commercials he says to me “Welcome Home.” Wow! It’s true – I didn’t have a JOB to go to this morning! I *remember* this feeling from before, but I must admit I had gotten pretty comfortable heading into work every day and collecting a check every Friday. Eeeks!

So I say to him, “You know I am terrified, right?” He laughs and says, “You will do fine, you are now your own boss, you are the CEO of Party Plan Divas, with 100% of the shares, you just don’t have anyone holding your hand anymore.”

I let this sink in for a moment, so proud and excited to have a life partner that says things like “you have shares” (lol) but I said to him, “yeah, I get that…. but you know what it really is? (BAM! IT HIT ME!) I don’t have an EXCUSE anymore!”

I will admit, I have not been doing 100% with either of my businesses. I have done well in both, and I am excited about the direction both of them are going. But I have not lived up to my potential in either, and I have been using the J-O-B as my “reason” for that. Not enough time, can’t focus during the day, coming home exhausted, cant get out and network…. yeah, I have used the J-O-B as an excuse for pretty much everything.

It’s SCARY putting yourself out there. It’s SCARY putting yourself 100% into your business! Cause what happens if you STILL FAIL!!? Then what?

Some time before I had attended Brian Biro’s Break Through To Success and I was the one he picked out of 1,800 screaming consultants to break the first board.  It was a very powerful moment for me, and I often close my eyes and try to relive it and remember that feeling. But as I was lying in bed last night, the fear and excitement making it impossible to sleep, I tried to remember everything I could about that day. What hit me like a ton of bricks was remembering what I WROTE on my board.

In the seminar you are instructed to write the #1 obstacle you face every single day, what really gets in your way of success. (Remember now, this is 4 years ago) I thought about it for a moment, but then I very largely wrote:

“Self Doubt”

*Gasp* That’s what I am facing NOW!

But wait!! I broke through that!! Didn’t I? I mean I was THERE, I had all those people cheering my NAME? I broke my BOARD!!!! I SHOULDN’T HAVE THAT ANYMORE!!!!

Overcoming Self Doubt

But I do… and I realized that every DAY I am going to have to Breakthrough that. Every DAY I need to have Little “Breakthroughs To Success”. We all do. Every day we need to celebrate something. Rejoice in getting over even the little tiny roadblocks that we face every day. And dealing with our inner demons that tend to sneak back in no matter what kind of metaphoric tactic we do to overcome it… we will still battle it every single day on some level, and that’s ok. The POWER comes from knowing that, embracing it, and deciding to love it as a part of life.

So here I sit. My first day officially as a full time CEO for Party Plan Divas, Inc, and full time Consultant for my Party Plan Company – with no excuses, no one “holding my hand”, and nothing holding me back.

Am I still scared?

TERRIFIED doesn’t even come close. But it was a Breakthrough for me to realize that it was only my Self Doubt that is standing in my way.

What can you Breakthrough today, to get out of your own way?

Overcoming Self Doubt