Banish Fine Lines & Wrinkles with Color Me Beautiful #Giveaway

It seems ever since I hit 30 I see more fine lines and wrinkles every time I look in the mirror.  In fact I have a running joke with my best friend every time I upload a picture of myself on Facebook, I ask her when we are going in for that Botox treatment.  

But I am only joking, as the idea of putting a poison literally into my skin is not something I find appealing whatsoever.

 It does however make me incredibly thankful to Consultants like Gladys Ridge, Independent Color Me Beautiful Consultant, for providing amazing products like the Adrien Arpel C Source which helps fight off the signs of aging, and much more.

color me beautiful products

I used the Adrien Arpel C Source one evening after washing my face and could immediately feel it going to work, gently tightening my skin.  The serum went on smoothly and easily without any scent or stickiness.  

Gladys also sent me the Color Me Beautiful One Step Cleanser, which I have used daily since receiving.  

The One Step Cleanser is a three-in-one product that helps to cleanse, remove makeup, and tone all in one.  I use this every night before my moisturizer for glowing, healthy skin.

adrien arpel

Known as a leading authority on color and image, Color Me Beautiful launched its complete cosmetics and skin care brands in the late 1980s as a result of the overwhelming success of the book by the same name.

Color Me Beautiful became a #1 best-selling paperback, remaining on the New York Times best-sell list for seven years, selling over 13 million copies.

In fact, Color Me Beautiful was the all-time New York Times trade paperback best seller until 1995.

For over a decade, Color Me Beautiful has become a popular cosmetic brand using the power of color to help women achieve their full beauty potential.

Color Me Beautiful has continuously refined and expanded its system to reflect and cater to the changing needs of women. It is known for the best makeup colors available anywhere to coordinate with one’s eye and hair color and skin tone.

As such, it is a highly personalized brand. In addition, Color Me Beautiful has highly effective prestige skin care products with the highest quality and technological advances in beauty treatments.

You can check out everything Color Me Beautiful has to offer – from amazing skin care to an amazing business opportunity – on Gladys’s personal website and enter to win your own Color Me Beautiful Set below!