Diva Spotlight Saturday – Candice Kramer – Pink Zebra Home

Social Media Pic 11.2014

Full Name: Candice Kramer

Email Address: hipmomtwo@comcast.net

Party Plan Company: Pink Zebra Home

Your Website URL: www.sprinklesoffun.com

How long have you been with your current Party Plan Company?: 1 year 10 months

Is this your first Party Plan Company? If not, tell us about what else you have done?: No, this is not my first Party Plan Company. I started in this industry with Mary Kay about 7 years ago.

What inspired you to get into the Home Party Plan Industry?: I started for a couple of reasons. I wanted something for me, my young daughters often referred to me being “just a mom”. I also wanted to help contribute financially so that I could continue to be “just a mom” at home!

What kind of Corporate Jobs have you had? (or still currently have): I left my corporate job when my first daughter was born 13 years ago. I was the Assistant to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a major plumbing supply company.

What have been some of your major challenges with your Party Plan Company?: Having a fear of public speaking. Now that I am with a company that I have less reservation about doing public speaking, I am having trouble booking parties.

What have been some of your major successes with your Party Plan Company?: I was asked by my upline to speak at a local company Rally, in front of over 50 people…and I DID IT!! I also have a team of over 45, something I never did with my other company. I have promoted to Manager with my company!

Describe your typical day right now.: Once I get the kids off to school, I start my day! In a typical day, I respond to emails, check FB messages, post updates to my team page, and check for local events to participate in. When I am out and about, I am handing out samples and promoting my business. Once the kids are home, I am back to being mom! Later at night, I can do the things in my office that don’t require other people…organize, plan, and update to-do list for next day.

Describe what the “perfect” day would look like for you.: Having more organization in my life, so that I can accomplish more in a day!

On those “not so great” days, what is your motivation to keep going with your Party Plan Business?: The motivation is I do not want a J.O.B. and I need to make this opportunity work for me!

What is one piece of advice you would give a brand new Party Plan Consultant?: Remember that every day is a clean slate, don’t get caught up in what you did not accomplish yesterday, move forward today!

What do you think the absolute BEST part of being a Party Plan Consultant is?: Being home for my kids! I am so glad I can be home for them and they can have after school activities because I am here!

Anything else you want us to know?: I love supporting my fellow Divas and can not wait to meet you all too!