Diva Spotlight Saturday – Mary Griffith – Miche


Full Name: Mary Griffith

Email Address: chocolatebaglady@gmail.com

Party Plan Company: Miche

Your Website URL: mary.miche.com

How long have you been with your current Party Plan Company?: 6years

Is this your first Party Plan Company? If not, tell us about what else you have done?: I have done Dove Chocolate, tupperware, quorum

What inspired you to get into the Home Party Plan Industry?: Flexibility

What kind of Corporate Jobs have you had? (or still currently have): I own my own specialty chocolate company called Virginia’s Finest Chocolate. I have also consulted with small businesses on marketing, and been a Director if Marketing for a software company.

What have been some of your major challenges with your Party Plan Company?: Team building, helping team members stay the course and stay motivated, having enough of ‘me’ to go around.

What have been some of your major successes with your Party Plan Company?: Sales, incentive trips

Describe your typical day right now.: Communicating by phone, Facebook and email to clients and customers. Checking my business center on website for news and info. Staying in touch with team members.

Describe what the “perfect” day would look like for you.: Easily getting parties booked, filling orders, having team mates call for advice and to celebrate their successes

On those “not so great” days, what is your motivation to keep going with your Party Plan Business?: My inner drive to succeed and meet a minimum sales goal for the month

What is one piece of advice you would give a brand new Party Plan Consultant?: Have a vision and clear ‘why’ related to why you started the business

What do you think the absolute BEST part of being a Party Plan Consultant is?: Interacting with people. Seeing the joy brought to customers, and seeing team mates celebrate successes

Anything else you want us to know?: Love your tips