diva success sisters

Can’t find a Diva Success Sisters Chapter near you? No problem! We are eager and happy to help you get one going in your town!

Starting a Diva Success Sisters Chapter in your area is a fun, easy way to get your name out, meet others, and network in a supportive and judgement free environment. Diva Success Sisters Chapters bring the sisterhood that Party Plan Divas is known for to your door with monthly meetings, seasonal events, and more.

The first step to becoming a Diva Success Sisters Chapter Founder is having an active Party Plan Divas Membership. Because the training you will provide at these meetings is directly fro The Diva Success System, it is important that you have access to these files. Also, once you are approved as a Chapter Founder, your Party Plan Divas Membership will be upgraded to include access to the exclusive tools made available only to our members. If you are not already signed up with Party Plan Divas, you can do that here.

The next step is starting your Diva Success Sisters Chapter is filling out the Chapter Founder Application. Once that is done we will review your application and send you over the Chapter Founder Handbook with your next steps.

Ready to get started?  Click here to fill out the Chapter Founder Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to start a Diva Success Sisters Chapter?  There is a $25 one-time fee to start a Diva Success Sisters Chapter. This includes your Chapter Founder Packet which will include brochures, business cards, New Member Welcome Packets, and other necessary paperwork for your Chapter to begin. once your application is approved you will be asked to pay this fee to proceed.

What are my responsibilities as a Chapter Founder? As the Chapter Founder, you become the “face” of Party Plan Divas in your town. once a month you will hold a two-hour long meeting at a local public location such as a restaurant or library. At this meeting you will having a networking mixer, present the training provided by Party Plan Divas, and enjoy meeting and networking with other Party Plan Professionals in your area.

Where should I hold my meetings? We suggest holding your meetings at a restaurant or local meeting space that does not have a fee. Most restaurants will allow you to have your meeting as long as everyone orders from the menu.

Where will I get my training for the meeting? Every month a new training will be uploaded to the Chapter Founders Section on Party Plan Divas. This will include any necessary training, handouts, videos, audios, etc. We will also discuss each topic at length in our Chapter Founders Facebook Group.