Easy Seasonal Decorating with Willow House #Giveaway

As I have told you before, home decorating is not one of my strong suits.   I love looking at pictures in magazines while waiting in line at the stores, wishing I had an eye for design.  Sometimes though I will see something and think “man I can do that”… only to end up frustrated with something that could appear on CraftFail.com.


When Nelda Pacheco, Independent Consultant for Willow House sent me a Hemingway Hurricane I knew my what-should-go-in-the-middle-of-my-dining-room-table issue was over…. and this I could not mess up.

Photo Credit : http://poshedup.blogspot.com/

The Hemingway Hurricane is a beautiful, large glass hurricane that can be filled with just about anything.  From flowers to fruit to candles the possibilities are endless.  It is large enough to be the only piece in the center of my glass four top dining room table, and I am excited about getting to change it out with the seasons!

With a quick Google Search I found ideas for Summer, Fall, Christmas, and this absolute “must do for Halloween” hurricane.

The Hemingway Hurricane is one of hundreds of beautiful home decor products from Willow House.  From dining and entertaining to outdoor living, Willow House offers that “little something extra” to turn your house into a home.

You can check out everything Willow House has to offer by checking out Nelda’s website – http://npacheco.willowhouse.com/