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Even if you are the absolute best at what you do, if you do not EXECUTE your plan, you will not win.

emagine nationFTC Disclaimer: I didn’t receive a single thing for writing this post.  Nothing. Nada.  I just love Emagine-Nation, as do my girls, and wanted to share it!  

Growing up I remember having a TV in every room – and back then that was a BIG DEAL.  These days though our Computers far out number our TVs – 2 to 1 to be exact.  Mike has a desktop and laptop.  I have a desktop and laptop.  The Teen has a desktop and laptop, and Midge has her very own netbook.  And don’t even get me started on mobile devices.  Needless to say, we log a ridiculous amount of hours online.

As the girls have gotten older I have been getting more concerned about their safety online. I’ve pretty much been able to regulate what they watch on TV – but controlling what they see on the Internet is a whole ‘nother battle.   The Teen has had a Facebook Page for several years and Midge is pretty much addicted to the “funny cats” videos on YouTube.   Though Midge isn’t there for the “social networking” side yet, I am sure my little never-met-a-stranger social butterfly will be looking for that avenue soon.  The Teen lives on Facebook (hey, the apple doesn’t fall far…) to connect with her friends from her old school and her new school, as well as play umpteen hours of Candy Crush Saga.

I love that the girls are social butterflies and I want them to connect with their friends.  I even love that they are playing games and learning stuff online… I just wished there was a safer way to do it.

Well… now there is! 

Emagine-Nation.com Launching Free Registration

emagine nation

Finally! A virtual world, browser, and search engine that is truly safe for your kids! Register your kids today – for free – and find out what it’s all about! At Emagine-Nation.com, your kids can customize their avatar, lock in their avatar’s name (nothing more annoying than trying to remember a username that looks more like an algebra equation cause all the “good ones” are taken), and come back each day to play, learn, and earn Tribets – their online currency!

With classrooms, offices, bathroom, library, gym, cafeteria, Spirit Room, Club Room, Game Room and so much more, your kids will be able to learn and play in a visually stunning environment. Thousands of safe games & videos. And my favorite – Secure social networking for kids!  I WANT my girls to still connect with their friends online…. I just want to make sure it is actually their friends they are connecting to…. !!

Kids love to play games and watch videos. Problem is, once they go somewhere on a gaming site, they are now free to go anywhere, even to places that aren’t safe.  Good news! Emagine-Nation.com provides an inclusive environment that provides the kind of safety that parents want for their kids – without needing a doctorate to understand the software!!! 

You can read more about this entire project and see just a peek at how cool everything on the “inside” is by checking out their About Us page and clicking on each of the different pictures on their wall.   The whole site is full of awesome things to discover!

Register today for their May 4th launch and be entered into their contest with even more cool prizes. Go to the sign up page – www.Emagine-Nation.com. Click on “Let’s Get Started” Enter the Registration Code LV0413.  Click on the “I’m a Parent” button, enter the number of kids you have, enter their basic information, and then finish the registration with your child(ren) so they can customize their avatar right then.  You can also come back later by clicking on the link in your registration email.  Then the best part – your child(ren) can log back in each day between now and the launch on May 4th and earn MORE Tribets by playing the Game-of-the-Day, taking a Room-Tour-of-the-Day, and playing an Activity-of-the-Day.  They will also get a Quote-of-the-Day.  By the time of the launch, they will have earned enough Tribets to truly customize their avatar AND their custom room.  They can have fun while you all learn about the coming site and it’s rooms.

Remember, it’s free to register, play and learn in. Emagine-Nation.com – where kids play and get things done!


I am so excited to offer one of my readers a One Year Free Membership for their child to Emagine-Nation.com PLUS a $100 Visa Giftcard.  REMEMBER TO PUT “LV0413” IN THE CODE BOX PROVIDED ON REGISTRATION.  EMAGINE-NATION.COM IS OFFERING ANOTHER SPECIAL CONTEST JUST FOR US AND THIS WILL TRACK OUR COMMUNITY.


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