Eye Shadow For Every Eye Color – Mary Kay #Giveaway

Thinking back, I was never really “taught” how to apply makeup.  Growing up with just my Dad, “makeup lessons” weren’t exactly a priority. 

My Godmother who helped raise me seldom wore makeup, so I would spend hours in front of a mirror with a huge palette of shadow colors – just testing things out.  

I am sure you can imagine some of the fashion faux paxs I ended up with.

My wonderful people at Mary Kay – one of the largest and most well known makeup and skin care companies in the World – have taken all of the guesswork out of picking your best eye shadow colors, and packaged them together in Mineral Eye Color Bundles for each eye color. 

Independent Consultants like Candice Kramer can even help show you the techniques for how to perfectly apply the shadow once you get the perfect color.

The Mineral Eye Color Bundles give you three mineral eye shadow colors that will accentuate your own natural eye color. 

Since my eyes are a very dark brown, my perfect colors are Silky Caramel, Sienna, and Midnight Sky.  Each color fits perfectly in a Mary Kay Compact Mini – a handheld compact with a strong magnet to hold all of your colors in place. 

I love this since I use more of some colors than others, so when one runs out, I simply replace that one color and pop the new one in to place.

I love the new colors in my Mineral Eye Color Bundle  – I probably never would have tried something as dark as Midnight Star on my own, but it looks fantastic! 

It has just enough of a purple hue to really make my brown eyes stand out.  Plus it has little sparklies in it which I love.

My all time favorite product from Mary Kay though – and the product I truly believe every woman should not live without – is their Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

The stuff amazes me every single night – one swoosh over my eyes removes my shadow, mascara, and liquid eyeliner.  No more having to scrub or give up and go to bed with eyeliner still on. 

Plus it leaves your eyelids feeling soft and moisturized – not all dried out like everything else I have tried to use. 

This tops my “Favorite Products of All Time” list.