Thank you for visiting PartyPlanDivas. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our site and membership.

What If I Have Just Started in Direct Sales? 

PartyPlanDivas offers training for all stages of your direct selling career. Whether you have just signed up or been in the business for decades, there are tips to grow. 

Can I Join As a Leader Before I Build a Team?

Absolutely! It is never too early to begin learning how to lead an incredible team! You can also upgrade at any time. 

How do I Upgrade?

Login to your PartyPlanDivas account. Then go to the Join Now page and select the membership you want to upgrade to. Complete the purchase through Paypal.

This will automatically upgrade your PartyPlanDivas account. The final step is to login to your Paypal account and cancel the billing agreement for the old membership. 

You may also email and request a cancelation.

Where Do I Find Live Training?

To access the live weekly training login to your PartyPlanDivas account and visit the This Week’s Training Page. 

Be sure to check the PartyPlanDivas Community Events Calendar to see all events happening. 

What Happens After The Live Training?

After each live training, the recording will be saved and uploaded to the This Week’s Training Page.

At the conclusion of each month/series the training will then be moved to the appropriate Training Library.

What Am I Allowed To Share With My Team?

Our PartyPlanDivas Blog is open to the public and we appreciate and encourage any and all shares from those posts.

When sharing content from the Training Library – ex: in meetings, coaching, etc – we ask that you please site the source as 

Please note all content is copyrighted. We ask that you please do not copy/paste content from the site for your own use. 

How Does The Membership Work?

When you Join PartyPlanDivas you receive immediate access to our training libraries as well as an invitation to all community events.

The monthly subscription will bill each month through Paypal until you cancel the agreement with Paypal. This is all automated through your Paypal Agreement. 

By signing up to the PartyPlanDivas membership you are giving permission for Paypal to draft your account each month until you cancel the billing agreement. You may cancel at any time. 

How Do I Cancel My PartyPlanDivas Membership?

You can cancel your PartyPlanDivas membership at any time. Simply login to your Paypal Account and cancel the billing agreement to PartyPlanDivas.

This will make sure you are not billed again and will automatically deactivate your PartyPlanDivas account. 

Something Isn’t Working – What Do I Do?

If you have any problems, please feel free to email any time. I do my best to respond within 24 hours. Please remember there are thousands of Divas and one of me 🙂