Get Your Glimmer On! Pink Zebra #Giveaway

I have a nose like a bloodhound – I smell everything.   Mike often says I can “smell the food on tv.”  It is both a blessing and a curse – making me a bit maniacal about how my home, office, and car smell.  

When I discovered Pink Zebra – a company that has revolutionized the “scented wax” industry by offering it in tiny little mixable sprinkles, I was immediately hooked.

I could easily and quickly make any room smell amazing – and even make my own scents by mixing the sprinkles together – its a win-win!  

For Christmas in July, Independent Consultant Candice Kramer sent me the perfect Pink Zebra Glimmer Candle Making Kit for me… four jars of amazing scented sprinkles to make my own candles …. in little wine glasses!

pink zebra
Truth be told, they call these “brandy glasses” – but I am calling them wine glasses. I AM the MoscatoMom after all!

With Pink Zebra’s Glimmer Candle Kits you can easily make your very own candles – mixing whatever scents and/or colors you want!  

With this kit I received six wine glass glimmer candles, so I mixed and matched my sprinkles depending on where I placed the candle.

The one above matches my blue bathroom when I fill it with the Stone Washed Demin scent.

 My office is currently sporting a little cluster of wine glasses (fitting, no?) where I have mixed the Beach Breeze with Gentle Rain.  I chose Napa Leather for the bedroom – a masculine sexy sent so Mike wouldnt sleep on the couch. 😉

My favorite part about Pink Zebra – besides the scents – is how easy the sprinkles are.  You can use a little or a lot, mix and match or keep one scent, and they are so easy to pour out of their glass jars.  

I can’t tell you how many times I have fought to get a piece of wax out of a plastic container… resorting sometimes to getting out a butter knife to dig in after it.

Sprinkles are made in America of our premium Soft Soy® wax and high quality fragrance oils, which are blended together at super concentrated levels to deliver up to 50% more fragrance than average candles.

Designed to give you home fragrance variety at an affordable price, you can decide what you want, how much impact you want, and when you want it. Just simply pour it on.
No mess, no worries.

Pink Zebra is a ground floor opportunity with a unique an innovative product – a great combination for direct sales.  

With a stellar compensation plan and all of the tools and resources you need to grow, I predict Pink Zebra will be around for many years to come.

You can check out everything Pink Zebra has to offer by checking out Candice’s website –