Indi and the Tennis Ball

The other day on Good Morning America they were talking about how people so closely resemble their dogs… not in looks, but in personality. Well, many of you have seen pictures of my dog Indi, but for those who HAVENT seen her – she is a 3-pound chihuahua that is about the color of dirty dishwater! So it got me thinking… how are Indi and I alike… might GMA be on to something?

Ok, so what do you think of when you think of a chihuahua? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is hyper – all over the place, bouncy….well, I seldom sleep, you will find me constantly working on SOMETHING. If I am awake – I am buzzing around doing something. Then there is the yippy barking, well we all KNOW I can talk. But what REALLY got me thinking… Have you ever seen when a chihuahua can’t REACH something?

The other day Indi’s favorite tennis ball had rolled under the coffee table. She must have spent a half an hour turning her head and stretching out her legs trying to get to that tennis ball. Now I KNOW that wasn’t comfortable – she hurt herself a couple times and yelped, but she was so FIXATED on getting that ball – she didn’t care. Even when I offered her ANOTHER tennis ball – NOPE, she wanted THAT ONE. And then, when I finally moved the coffee table just a bit, she was SO EXCITED she got the ball that she wore herself completely out prancing around the house with it.

So it got me thinking… what is your tennis ball? What is something that you want SO BAD that you get fixated on it, even hurt to get it, and no other alternative will do?

Mine was my Home Party Plan Business my first year. I wanted Director so bad I did EVERYTHING I could to get it – and since then I have been very proud to introduce myself as a Director, and I proudly wear the diamond ring my sponsor rewarded me with.

But it isn’t just my business – I have a bunch of tennis balls. Being a good mom. Being a good wife. The Diva Success System. Being a good FRIEND. Party Plan Divas.

Something else I thought about… what SHOULD be the tennis ball, but isn’t?

Maybe being more financially responsible? Keeping an organized office? Staying on top of work? Keeping the house clean?

And even MORE to question… what is your COFFEE TABLE? Whats in your way that if you move just a little bit, you can get your tennis ball?



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