Just One Of “Those” Days

We've all had one of "THOSE days" - I just had to share mine with you. A day like today could have put me in such an unbelievably foul mood, but instead I got a sense of humor and even tempted fate with asking "what's next?"

bee_6_bg_042404We’ve all had one of “THOSE days” – I just had to share mine with you. A day like today could have put me in such an unbelievably foul mood, but instead, I got a sense of humor and even tempted fate with asking “what’s next?”

Yesterday as I awoke my oldest daughter she says, “Hey Mom, will you do my hair today?” Well, anyone who has a ‘tween girl knows that it is not often that us Moms are ALLOWED to do hair, so I said, “Sure, but why?” She says “Because it is School Picture Day! – Remember, I told you last week!” (insert sound of tires breaking) Yes, now I vaguely remember her mumbling something about that last week, but I never got the little envelope thing to place the order so I had forgotten entirely.

So since we do not have the envelope thingie, I have to walk her into school…. no problem. Except for the torrential rain that began as soon as we got in the car to head to school. I park, grab my umbrella (which amazingly is in the car – normally I forget it in the garage) and fight the rain to get her inside…. leaving my purse in my car. Well, naturally I NEED my purse for the checkbook, so out I go again to get it and then back in to pay. By the time I walk BACK out to my car to leave I am completely soaked…. so glad I had spent 15 minutes doing my hair! HA!

Then I head downtown for an appointment and realize I do not have one… single…. quarter for the meter. Apparently my darling daughter has robbed me of quarters as I have every OTHER coin – even international ones – in the console. And naturally every parking spot has a meter which requires quarters. SO – I have to get out of the car again – get soaked again – just to get change. It is almost 8am by this point, and I know it is going to be one of THOSE DAYS.

My appointment went well, so I left thinking that my “bad day” was over. I met Mike for lunch and we decide to go see a movie to celebrate the outcome of my meeting. We get there late, naturally, grab some popcorn and one of those ENORMOUS cups of lemonade and head to the theater. We get there just as the last Preview is ending. We are the ONLY two people in the theater. Obviously I had picked a real thriller, LOL.

As soon as the last preview ends… the whole place goes dark. Now, I am a grown adult, and by no means afraid of the dark. But it is a little unnerving to be sitting alone in a huge theater that is pitch black dark. After a few minutes I decide I am going to go tell the people outside whats up.

They get the previews rolling again…. cool, now we get to see all of them. As soon as the last one was over… darkness. Hmmm. Third time’s a charm? The preview start to roll…. this time, as soon as the last preview is over, all of the lights come ON and the screen starts rolling up!! LOL OBVIOUSLY me seeing this movie is just not meant to be.

After the whole incident the manager gave back our money for tickets, and passes for a later movie, plus welcomed us to go into any other theater that had a movie playing. Problem was the 45 minute break I had between the movie and my party had just been eaten up with 3 runs of Previews. Mike however decided to stay, so me, my Sweetart candies, and my gigantic lemonade headed home to get ready early.

I drove all the way across town with no problem. I have 4 speed bumps in my neighborhood before my house. No problem. I pulled INTO my cul-de-sac, and there it went – my ENTIRE lemonade flipped into the drivers floorboard, soaking me, my shoes, and leaving a standing puddle in the car. I pull into the driveway and open the door and lemonade POURS onto the pavement. I so should have known better.

I go inside to get cleaned up, get my kit which is by the door and head to load it up. I have been inside about 20 minutes, in which time what looks like an entire hive of BEES is now feasting on my step-side of my truck where there are pools of lemonade. First off, I have never even SEEN a bee near our house, so I am not sure where all of these guys came from. Second, I have no idea if I am allergic as I have never been stung by a bee before – but I knew it was not the right time to find out.

SO I put everything in the back of my truck, climbed in through the passenger side, and headed to my party. But apparently because of the air flow on the truck you can still go 60 mph on the Interstate and bees are protected enough to HOLD ON. *sigh*

I manage to get to my party, my bee friends finally fly away, and I have a terrific party. Afterwards, my new recruit Kristen is so excited she wants to go out and celebrate…. I think back over my day and decide I better not. I went to Sonic for an ice cream and went to bed.