Keeping It Together With 31 Gifts – Giveaway

I love a product that “does it all.”   A product that  “multi tasks”  helps even the busiest of people stay organized.  Leanne McGarr sent me one of these awesome products from her 31 Gifts Collection – the Organizing Utility Tote.   Honestly, I have no idea how anyone ever lives without one.

Seven pockets on the outside will hold whatever you need – sunscreen and water for a trip to the beach, pacifiers and rattle for a trip with baby, utensils and straws for a picnic – even Gardening Gifts or Game Prizes for your Home Parties.

Leanne sent me the tote in Awesome Blossom which is… well… awesome.  My teen daughter has tried to lay claim on the bag, stating it would be “perfect for school” while the Littlest Diva put a dozen of her “babies” in it.  Sometimes life in a houseful of girls can be quite entertaining.  😉

This bag is the perfect size (about 10 x 15 x 6)  and is very light weight – which was very important to me.  I tend to weigh myself down with everything I carry, so having a lightweight bag is a huge plus.  It also has the perfect length straps – it easily goes over your shoulder – without getting hung up on your elbow – and sits securely at your side – not down where your kips will bump it with every step.  (can you tell I am a bit of a bag critic?)

Leanne McGarr and 31 Gifts have dozens of awesome “do it all” bags for you to choose from.  Just flipping through their catalog gave me tons of ideas for ways to organize my “stuff.”   And they are all very practical too – things you will use every day.  Like the two thermal lunch totes I just ordered for Little Divas to take to school next year.

Whether you are looking for the perfect “multi tasking” bag or need several different shapes and sizes to tame your stuff. 31 Gifts is a great place to look.  You can check out all of their products on Leanne’s website