Magic Moment Bracelet – Jewel Kade #Giveaway

christmas in july 2013

I think one of the things I love most about the direct sales industry is that it includes all of my favorite things – from jewelry and fashion to food and wine.  What I also love is that direct sales companies go to great lengths to find the most perfect pieces to add to their line – products that will be loved by all and will last for years to come.  That was my first thought when I opened the box to find the Magic Moment Bracelet, sent to me from Independent Jewel Kade Stylist Donna Dobbins.

magic moment bracelet jewel kade

The Magic Moment Bracelet is by far the most unique thing in my jewelry box now – and I love that the look changes with every turn. One side has a row of cream colored pearls, while the other side has silver charms.  The website description “Sophisticated yet fun, this bracelet mirrors your own wonderfully unpredictable style.”  Absolutely.  But then that is what Jewel Kade is known for – unique, quality artisan  jewelry, hand crafted and using only the finest materials.

Jewel Kade is artful, handcrafted charms. It’s inspired jewelry. It’s a fresh take on timeless fashion. It’s worn by those who celebrate life, and those who treasure unforgettable accessories.

I have enjoyed wearing this Magic Moment Bracelet, and have gotten compliments from my friends who reach out to spin it around to admire it all the way around.  The uniqueness just draws them in – they have to see.   I also love that it can be worn dressed up or dressed down – with jeans during the day or a nice cocktail dress in the evenings.  Even my 14 year old daughter has asked to wear it a few times when going out with her friends.

jewel kade

Since 2009 Jewel Kade Stylists have been creating successful businesses sharing Jewel Kade’s inspired artistry and business opportunity through home Parties and online. Jewel Kade has garnered national attention – already appearing on The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol.*  It all started with jewelry designer Janet Kinkade, who began designing purely as a way to create pieces that would keep her five young children “close to her heart.” Soon friends and family wanted her designs, then retail boutiques asked to sell her pieces, and as demand grew, Janet knew Jewel Kade could be more than just a personal passion. JK is committed to excellence, to giving back, and to making a difference. Perhaps that’s what brings Stylists and customers together, sharing in Janet’s vision of endless, beautiful possibilities for all.

You can check out everything Jewel Kade has to offer on Donna’s website – including unique one of a kind jewelry and a fantastic business opportunity – and enter to win your own Magic Moment Bracelet below!