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Hey Lynsey – Any tips or suggestions for a filing system for party plan? I’m setting up a new office after moving and want to start fresh. I have new binders and a new filing cabinet. Where to start…. ??? – Cindy Denning, Close To My Heart Consultant

Organizing Your OfficeHey Cindy! Great question! And congrats on the new office!  🙂

Organizing Your Office

There are a few different systems I have in my office to keep everything organized and together where I can get to anything at a moments notice.  One of the most important systems though is my Hostess/Party files.    Your Hostess Folders are worth their weight in gold, and used properly can easily be the most important tool for business that you have.

Here is a video on how to organize your Hostess / Party Folders –

A few more tips:

First – the most important part – The Hostess Worksheets.  I have created two Hostess Worksheets for you to use in your Hostess Folders.   You can download them here – HostessWorksheetI and HostessWorksheetII

Each Party gets a Hostess Folder as soon as it is booked.

Fill in the top of the first Hostess Worksheet I as soon as you get the party booked. The Hostess Worksheet I should be stapled to the inside left of a file folder, the Hostess Worksheet II stapled to the inside right of the file folder.

Everything for this party will be kept in this folder.

The Hostess Worksheet I has an outline for you to use when making your Hostess Coaching phone calls.

File your Hostess/Party Folders by chronological order according to the date the party was held.  That way if someone calls and says “I was at a party about a month ago but I do not remember my Hostess’s name,” you still can easily put your hands on the folder that will include her order.

Keeping your Hostess / Party Folders neat and organized is a critical part to organizing your business!

With a little preparation, you can make keeping these tools organized a breeze!

Organizing Your Office