Pampered Chef Round Covered Baker #Giveaway

When it comes to cooking I am certainly no Chef… but I LOVE to bake.  For years I have used my Pampered Chef Pizza Stone to make everything from Taco Rolls to Pizza to Cookies.  Last year I tried a Small Ridged Baker for the Holiday Gift Guide, and have used that little thing no less than once a week ever since.  Both stones are delightfully “seasoned” perfectly now.

When Priscilla Estrada-Ortega, Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef,  offered a new piece of Stoneware for the Christmas in July, I was thrilled.  If you have ever tried a Pampered Chef Stone you know how wonderful they really are.  And if you have never tried a true Pampered Chef Stone, this is the perfect opportunity for you to fall in love.

As the premier direct seller of essential kitchen tools and part of the Berkshire Hathaway family of businesses, The Pampered Chef® and its sales force of Independent Pampered Chef® Consultants have been helping families prepare quick, delicious meals since 1980. We believe that multipurpose tools are the cornerstone of an efficient kitchen, and we’re committed to developing timesaving tools, tips and recipes that enhance shared mealtime and suit busy lifestyles.

The Pampered Chef Round Covered Baker is perfect for cooking just about anything – main dishes, sides, or desserts.  It is nine inches around and can hold up to six cups of food.  The lid will help to keep your food hot and moist, and can be used in the microwave, conventional, or convection oven.  It can even be used in the fridge and freezer.

We chose to cook one of our all time favorite desserts in the Round Covered BakerBROWNIES.  Just a simple out-of-the-box recipe… no real “skill” necessary.  (you know me) They not only cooked up perfectly, but the outside edges stayed soft, unlike when I cook in metal or pyrex dishes when the sides get all crunchy.  The girls devoured the brownies, and clean up was a breeze – simply scraping off the remaining crumbs with the little scraper that came with it.

I absolutely love the entire Stoneware Collection from Pampered Chef and I am so thrilled to add this Round Covered Baker to my collection.   It is certainly one of the “must have” pieces from Pampered Chef.