Personalized Jewelry from Initial Outfitters

I am a sucker for anything personalized.  Growing up with an uncommon spelling of a very common name has made me a bit fanatical abut getting to put the “correct” spelling on anything.  

Being able to personalize something even more to include my personality, the things I love, and my family… now THAT is a recipe for perfection.  

When Independent Initial Outfitters Consultant Lynette Jeffres told me about the Custom Generations Necklace, I knew I was going to be in love.

personalized jewelry initial outfitters

Lynette began by asking me a little bit about my family and interests before putting together my customized necklace.  

I chose instead of putting just my initials to put Mike and mine together as we will share the same initials one of these days 😉  

She also included a charm for each of my girls with their birthstones, a stamped “L” for me, and my favorite – the “Blessed” charm – which sums up my life so perfectly.  I absolutely adore this necklace and love that it is so very “ME!”

Since 2006 Initial Outfitters has been creating custom jewelry, handbags, office supplies, stationery and accessories to match any style.

 Their “Dream Team” works together to change the lives of their Consultants by offering incredible products through their generous compensation plan,  but through their partnership with “Charlie’s Lunch Ministry” they are making a difference in children’s lives around the World as well.

You can check out everything Initial Outfitters has to offer on Lynette’s website, including dozens of awesome personalized products (I still use my Personalized Bath Wrap daily!!) and their fantastic business opportunity!  

And be sure to “Like” Lynette’s Facebook Page and follow her on Pinterest for deals and specials, as well as great deals exclusive to her customers!