Pink Zebra Review

When I discovered Pink Zebra a few years ago, I immediately became a fan. Their unique scented “sprinkles” were perfect for creating a wonderful, lasting aroma in my big open concept house.

Plus I loved seeing all of the different “recipes” that you can make by mixing the Sprinkles together! I literally created my very own custom scent!

Then I discovered their reed diffusers… and let’s just say I have one of those in every room in the house now.

When Independent Pink Zebra Consultant Tracy Wade said she was sending a completely different product in for the 2015 Diva Holiday Gift Guide, I was super stoked!

pink zebra

Pink Zebra is a leader in home fragrance with their signature “sprinkles” wax bits, candles, reed diffusers, warmers, and more!

Their new “Soaks” line has given a whole new option to making your space smell absolutely amazing.

From adorable home decor to “Go Cards” to hanging ornaments – you can now make just about anything an aromatic delight.

Tracy sent me an adorable little guy to review for this years gift guide. Meet… Morton.

morton the moose pink zebra
pink zebra woolies

Morton the Moose is just one of Pink Zebra’s Woolies that adds whimsy charm to any room – while secretly giving off your favorite fragrance.

You simply add a few drops of your favorite Pink Zebra Soaks to the top of the soft wool “fur” and the fragrance releases over time to fill your space.

I love this little guy and have had him in my office keeping me company and making my room smell amazing.

Tracy sent the Fun & Flirty Soak which is “ultra girly” – perfect for this Diva office!

In fact – I may need a few of his friends… look how adorable these guys are?

Whether you are looking to fill a large open concept home or a small cozy little office, Pink Zebra has the products for you and everyone on your holiday shopping list!

You can host a Pink Zebra party and earn tons of free goodies, or join as a Consultant and help others scent their space in a fun, unique way!