Planet 51 and Making The First Move

Making The First Move

So today in an effort to get my mind of things Mike and I decided to take the girls to brunch and a movie.

Normally the idea of going to a kids movie on a Saturday afternoon makes me want to run screaming, but this week has really put some things in perspective for me.

So off we went.

We chose Planet 51 over Christmas Carol – and I am SO glad we did!

It was such a cute movie and even though it was animated, it still had enough “adult stuff” in it to make it enjoyable. Plus it was “nice” enough that my toddler wasnt buried in my shoulder “hiding.”

There were a few places that were almost TOO adult, but thankfully my girls didn’t catch them.

But the best part wasn’t the movie. It was the lesson I learned while we were there.

Making The First Move

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We got to the theater early thinking it would be packed since the movie just opened.

Thankfully it wasn’t and we were able to get the “foot rest seats” – you know, the ones right behind the bars where you can prop your feet up without bothering anyone!

Ha – you know which ones I am talking about!

There was a lady there with her daughter, and Sami happily plopped down just 2 seats from the other girl. I said something about the foot rest, and the other mom laughed and said “yeah, you gotta have the foot rest.”

We exchanged a friendly smile and sat down.

Well immediately Sami and her daughter began chatting.

Before the previews started I got “Mom, can I move over one seat?”

These two had never seen each other before, but in a matter of minutes were sharing each other’s candy.

They whispered and giggled thru the entire movie – the mom and I making eye contact just a few times with smiles to let eachother know the girls were ok.

When the movie ended, the girls exchanged phone numbers, and both went on their ways, happy to have made a new friend.

It made me think about how easy it was to make friends at that age, and how “fearless” we are about talking to complete strangers.

In life and business once we get older, this FEAR sneaks in and paralyzes us from “making the first move.”

We don’t want to pick up that 600 pound phone. We over think the best way to approach someone – to the point we miss the opportunity and think “oh well, next time” – knowing full well we will wuss out then too.

We don’t ask for the party booking. We don’t push just a little further to see how interested she is in the opportunity.

We have forgotten what it is like to be a child, and to make friends out of no where, and to be fearless and confident enough in ourselves to make the first move.

This week the question was asked how to get over this fear, and I responded with tips on how to get prepared for the call, have a script, blah blah blah…. but today I realized, we all just need to remember being little girls, making new friends, and sharing our candy.

I believe we should never lose sight of our childhood, no matter how “old” we get.

Our business is all about relationships, and making new friends.

And we have so much to share – with our products, our hostess rewards to save money, and our opportunities to truly change someone’s life.

I am so incredibly proud of my ‘Tween for making the move and introducing herself – my little Leader.

When I told her so, her response was “well, yeah Mom, it’s easy – you just TALK!”

Ahhh, the wisdom of a ten year old.

Making The First Move
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3 thoughts on “Planet 51 and Making The First Move”

  1. Aw how sweet! It really is easy to lose being that ‘fearless’ as you get older. I have all too many times had that fear of making that first move and such. It’s almost sad how growing older can make a person become so jaded. Also, so glad to hear you enjoyed the movie, I think me and my little man are going to see it in a couple weeks.

  2. Gosh… I love this post… When my son was young, he was the social butterfly of the season. Everywhere he went, he made friends. I always said that if you put Earl in a room full of 100 people, he would walk out with 98 friends. The only reason he didn’t make friends with the last 2 people would be because he didn’t have time to meet them. He still is that way, so I thought it was maybe personality based. But know, it is the fearlessness of knowing you are a nice person and you have something to offer; genuine friendship.

    We get all picky and we overthink things like “will she like me?” “Will she like my product?” “Will she think I am too pushy?” “She doen’t really need what I have to offer.” – and we mosey along, away from the initial contact. I think we have to “relearn” the skill of being fearless and friendly… Call the class Relationships 101. You know… while we are at it, we need to take a class called Self Confidence 101.

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