Reflect Your Youth with Nerium #Giveaway

I love taking pictures and being in pictures.  If you look on my iPhone or Facebook account you will see literally thousands of pictures. However lately I have become much more critical of my pictures, not liking what I am seeing…. wrinkles.  Like… lots of them.  

I remember my grandma telling me that wrinkles and crow’s feet were a sign of a full life – since they are brought on by laughter. However… I don’t like them.  

So I was super excited to receive a bottle of NeriumAD from Independent Consultant Amanda Robinson because I have heard great things about this product reversing the signs of aging – and I was excited to give it a try!


Nerium uses the latest cutting-edge scientific discoveries to develop skincare products rooted in science. The skincare line produces amazing results, regardless of ethnicity, skin type, and other skin-affecting factors, and those results mean younger looking skin, no matter what challenges that skin may face.

It’s all part of Nerium International’s commitment to improving lives, and it means that no matter who you are, what your background may be, or what type of skin you have, Nerium can help you look and feel your best.

I have begun using Nerium daily and will update my progress after a full 30 days.  I can tell you that I immediately feel my skin tightening when I put it on – which is remarkable.  

And such a little bitty bit goes a long way – its highly concentrated.  There is a light scent that goes away almost immediately and I love that this is a one step process – I simply wash my face and put on Nerium.  

Easy, fast, and effective – that’s my kind of skin care regimen.

nerium ad

Due to Nerium International’s unprecedented sales and growth, Nerium was the youngest company ever featured in Direct Selling News and SUCCESS from Home magazine.

In these publications, Nerium was billed as one of the top up-and-coming companies in the relationship marketing and skincare industries. Nerium was also chosen to be profiled in the first issue of Beautiful You magazine.

I am excited to “Reflect My Youth” – especially in pictures – with the help of NeriumAD.  

You can check out more details about Nerium AD – including their great business opportunity – by checking out Amanda’s website, and enter to win a full size bottle of Nerium AD below!