When you really don’t wanna go…

Ok, so I am as guilty as anyone else of having days where I just simply DON’T WANT TO DO A PARTY! Even though we all LOVE our “jobs”, there are some days we just simply don’t feel like it, you’re experiencing home party burnout. Well… get out there and do it anyway, and here’s why.

Home Party Burnout, and Why You Should Work Through It

A few weeks ago I had a lady ask to hostess TWO parties – each 1 week apart. She works at a local hospital and she wanted to be able to cover both shifts for her guest list. She booked early enough in the day that I knew I could book a second party those evenings as well, so I happily booked both parties.

Her first party went well – about 8 people came and we had a terrific time, however, when it came time to order… most everyone left. She had about $100 in orders, and not one single booking. Not only did she feel terrible, but I felt like I had let her down as well. I told her we would rock it next week, not to worry, and headed to my second party.

By the end of my second party I was barely SQUEAKING in the ordering room, almost completely unable to talk. I was so afraid of the flu coming on, I went home and went straight to bed. I took the next few days to do absolutely nothing but make sure I did not get the flu. On Friday (enter me telling you this is NOT good Hostess Coaching! HA!) I sent an email to the first Hostess to ask how things were looking for Party #2. She said she wasn’t sure who was coming, but she hoped it would be good.

*rolling my eyes**fabulous*

Well, as you can imagine after being lazy for a week, I was not real thrilled about driving another half hour for an “unknown” – BUT I really liked the hostess, and I hadn’t done much of anything all week, so I took my Emergen-C and headed out. I thought to myself – worst case scenario, I get to chat with the hostess again and enjoy some “girl time”.

There were already 2 guests flipping through a catalog when I arrived. Before I finished setting up there were 4 more. The Hostess asked if I minded waiting a little while for a few more. Sure, no problem.

In total we had 12 women arrive. The sales were over $800, one party booking AND the Hostesses AND one of her guests signed up immediately to be consultants! Woohoo!!


So – the next time you just “really don’t wanna” – remember, you never know when your next awesome opportunity is going to arrive, so pull up your boot straps (errr, high heels) and remember all the reasons why we do this business. And remember – absolute WORST case scenario….the party is a complete bust- you have some “girl time” with the hostess… and her cat!

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