Willow House Sara Blaine Jewelry #Giveaway

As if Willow House wasnt amazing enough with their Home Decor, they recently added a new line of products – Jewelry by Sara Blaine.

Sara Blaine’s jewelry is handmade in Bali by skilled artisans. Many of Sara’s designs are inspired from natural floral patterns. This, along with her unique mixture of stone colors creates a solid piece to be worn on Special occasions or Everyday events.

Willow House Jewelry by Sara Blaine offers an extensive collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to fit any style.  From Boho to Zoey, Willow House Jewelry by Sarah Blaine has something for everyone.

Nelda Pacheco, Independent Consultant for Willow House sent me the Bali Scroll Pearl Drop Earrings.  They are absolutely stunning.   In the Willow House Ideas video it shows a bride wearing these… they are that elegant.   Since I am a “Blue Jeans with her Pearls” kind of girl, I would wear these anytime, anywhere, and feel fantastic doing so.

My favorite part about these earrings and Willow House is the attention to detail.  I often talk about “presentation is everything” and how important a first impression is to the success of your business.  Willow House knows this well, as everything from the bow being filled with pretty matching green tissue paper (not packing peanuts) to the fabric pouch that the earrings come in – even the note they include is all about detail.  The earrings themselves also are all about detail – from the beautiful silver scrollwork along the sides of the pearls even on the very back with Sara’s initials – beautiful even though no one but the wearer would probably ever see the back.   It is those “little touches” that let you know the company cares enough to make a terrific “first” impression – even after the sale.

You can check out all of the Sara Blaine Jewelry line from Willow House by checking out Nelda’s website – http://npacheco.willowhouse.com/ShopNow