Is Your Online Marketing WORKING!?

All this month we have been focused on Online Marketing – from Social Media to Online Parties to Email Campaigns.  But how do you know if any of your efforts are actually working!?  Are you giving yourself a “litmus test” to make sure you are not only doing the right things… but doing things right?

1. Track your time.  How much are you making per hour?  Don’t know?  This is a problem!  How much time do you spend actively WORKING on Social Media?  (Farmville and Monday Mingle DO NOT COUNT! :)Now do the math on how much you made per hour with that activity.  Are you happy with that amount?

2. Do your own website search and see where you fall.  Do you know what page of Google you are on?  (or how many?!) Search for your hot key words and see if you can “find yourself” amongst the thousands of other sites.

3.  Run different promotions – with different coupon codes – on different sites.   In other words, to track how well Facebook is working for you, run a promotion solely on Facebook, and even use the coupon code something like “FB1.”  You can do the same with Twitter and use something like “Twitter1″  – and then track each sale with by the coupon code.

4. As often as you are able, ask the question “How did you find out about us?” – whether on your email subscription registration, contact form, order form, or during customer care.   People are usually happy to tell you just exactly how they found your site!

5. Let someone else do it.  The Adobe Online Marketing Suite – powered by Omniture – provides insight into the performance of online marketing initiatives, empowers organizations to make informed decisions, and ensures the success of online marketing programs.  Their programs work within your contact management system to show you real time results from numerous different channels – all in an easy to understand format. Their search engine marketing blog will also give you ideas for increasing your online presence and effectiveness.

Whether you track your own results, or leave it to the professionals, it is important to know if your efforts are TRULY working.   Remember, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”  Arm yourself with the truth, to know whether or not you need to “change direction.”