Must Have Direct Sales Tools – The Party Bank

Lynsey – I was just curious if you can explain the party bank to me a little more. I am trying to get a more in depth knowledge of these tools and how to use them. – Erica Ardali, Passion Parties Consultant

Hey Erica! Absolutely!   A Party Bank is a place to keep a running list of people who have said they “want to have a party after… blah blah blah.”  Here is a video to show you just exactly how it works -

How many times has someone told you, “I have got to have one of these parties when my house is finished!” Or maybe “My friend is getting married this summer. I’m going to call you!” So many times we let that money (not to mention the potential recruits) walk right out the door. That person who was so excited may lose your business card within hours of the party. By the time they want to book they may have run into another consultant or maybe even someone from another company who was ready to accommodate them. Now you will be ready!

This Party Bank is designed to remind you of all of those “when’s” and keep you organized and on top of your Customer Care. When someone tells you they want to book a party when *whatever happens* you’ll be ready to meet their needs. In the process you will be the most professional Consultant that person has ever come into contact with.

Here is how it works… Let’s say its January and Joan tells you that she wants to book a party but her house is being remodeled and won’t be finished until March. Put all of Joan’s contact information on your March pages as if you are booking her along with the fact she is remodeling her home. Then Sheila comes back to the order room and tells you her friend is getting married in May, and she thinks this would be fun. Turn to May and plug her in! Then here comes Melissa who mentions that she and her husband are celebrating their 25th anniversary in October. After she leaves the ordering room, write it down.

In February call Joan to see how the house plans are coming or maybe drop a card in the mail to her that says…Can’t wait to see your house when it’s finished! She will be so impressed that you are staying in touch with her. She’ll probably give you a call to book her party. If not give it a couple more weeks and call back. If the house is taking longer than expected simply move her in your Party Bank. I would send Sheila a card in early March to let her know your calendar is filling fast so if she wants to treat her friend to a girl’s night out in May it’s time to book! She will also be impressed that you remembered. Who knows the wedding plans may still be on or they may not. If not then she needs a stress relief party! Then there was Melissa who mentioned that she’s celebrating her 25th anniversary. Won’t she be so surprised to receive a happy and a discount coupon in the mail from you 10 months later!

If you get in the habit of listening you will become the professional business woman you always wanted to be and your customers will be very impressed!

Stay Warm This Season with Party Gals Review and #Giveaway

Thanks for stopping by the 2012 Diva Holiday Gift Guide from Party Plan Divas! Every day in November I will be highlighting some of the hottest products from the Direct Sales Industry – along with tons of great giveaways – from Independent Consultants across the USA. Help support small businesses this Holiday Season by shopping from Party Plan Consultants and make a difference in someone’s life! You are going to be shopping this season for your loved ones, why not help some one directly by buying through an Independent Consultant in Party Plan? Thanks for stopping by! Happy Shopping!

As the temps get lower, there is nothing better than snuggling up to the one you love.  Party Gals – one of the leading romance companies in the direct sales industry – has got everything you need to stay warm this holiday season.

Party Gals has been synonymous with home parties for over 16 years and has transformed people’s lives! That’s best part of the Party Gals Experience… the lives that we touch and transform. From the girl next door who just wants to get a couple girls together, the seasoned party hostess who books a party every few months, or the couples who are looking to broaden their horizons, every party is a chance to open your mind and learn, taste, touch, feel, and share in the comfort of your own home.

Independent Party Gals Consultant Te’Amo Edwards sent me the Alluring Evening Gift Set and Massage Candle for the Diva Holiday Gift Guide.  This exclusive Body Scrub and Body Butter will “transform your dry skin to soft, supple, beg to be touched skin.”  As someone who suffers from chronically dry skin year round, I can attest to this claim – big time.  My skin looked, felt, and smelled amazing.

The Alluring Evening scent is light Vanilla and sweet Cotton Candy – the perfect scent to set the mood with just the right amount of fragrance– not too much perfume yet a soft and lovely scent.  When paired with the Ambrosia Candle you can literally fill the room with a romantic, sexy fragrance to spend a perfect “warm” night in.   If you are looking to really heat things up, try Party Gals Liquerwish – a flavored enhancement cream for her.   All Party Gals products are tastefully and discreetly packaged to keep even the feistiest of tastes confidential.

You can check out all of Party Gals products, hostess rewards, and opportunity on Te’Amo’s website –

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I “Got My SNAP On” With Randy Draper

Last week I had the privilege of going to see Randy Draper, Diamond Executive Director with Premier Jewelry, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of HeartSpring Media. He was speaking at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas for their weekly Power Lunch, and I just HAPPENED to be in Fort Worth, Texas the week he was there. (My friend Jan Hatchett, Your Favorite Jewelry Lady, was more than a little bit jealous!  ;) )

Randy mesmerized us for nearly an hour with his stories of drive-through windows (WHATCHOO NEEEEED?!) to learning the power of serving from his Grandmother, Lois Keeling Draper.  His stories were funny, heart warming, and powerful as he detailed living a life with an attitude of gratitude and service can take your life from worry and despair to excitement and opportunity.  We laughed (a lot!) cried (a little) and all left *snapping* our way through the hallways to our cars.

His latest book – Happy To Do It – Get Your ‘Snap’ On – is a fun, easy to read page turner full of inspiration and encouragement to change your way of thinking from “Whatchoo NEEED!?!?”  to “Happy To Do It.”  In just 155 pages you will read stories of humor, compassion, and principle-centered serving which will lead you to a life of abundance and joy.

Happy To Do It is a book about becoming successful by becoming a better person – both inside and out.  It is the Law of Attraction meets Philippians and Randy Draper does a beautiful job of giving you a plan for success simply by changing the way you think about serving others.   Four simple words – Happy To Do It – truly have the power to change everything in your life.

Since returning home to Florida I have had a few instances where I have had to stop my immediate response, and *SNAP* in my head – remembering Randy’s words.  We all have people and instances in our lives where people are pulling us in all directions, putting pressure on to do more, yelling that something isn’t done yet… and we all have the CHOICE about how we respond. Do you growl and snarl back at them or *Snap* and say “Happy To Do It.?” How might your life be different if you adopted the “Happy To Do It?!” attitude?  Think about it.

My favorite quote from the whole book:

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances – ATTITUDE is everything!” -Randy Draper

You can order your copy of Happy To Do It – Get Your Snap On directly from Randy’s website –  Be sure to also follow him on Twitter for daily inspiration.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post, and I purchased my own copy of Happy To Do It- Get Your Snap On while at Prestonwood Baptist Church.  All of the thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not swayed in any way by Randy Draper or any of his affiliates.