Signs Of Being A True Leader – A Lesson From Children

If you’ve ever watched children play, then you see that some just seem to be natural born leaders and it comes to them with little to no effort.

They take charge without even really trying to make it happen. They possess the signs of being a true leader – even at a young age.

I realized that we can learn from these little leaders to help us grow our direct sales businesses even more.


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Mission Minded

Children who are leaders go onto the playground filled with a mission in mind. They make it their goal to get everyone on board with their course of action.

They don’t let objections from others steer them off from their overall plan.

Whether it is to get everyone to play a certain game, or to control who goes on which apparatus first – these children have a clear cut goal.


Even though they have a clear plan in mind, they are open to ideas from their teammates on how to achieve the mission. They ensure they are considerate of everyone’s points of views.

They don’t leave any member behind or feeling worthless. A leader knows how to get everyone involved – by making them all feel like they are a part of the group.

Create Connections

In a child’s mind, everyone they get to play with instantly becomes a new friend. They act like this person is their best friend and will be for all of the time within minutes of meeting each other.

They savor the moments they have with each other to the fullest. They aren’t afraid to ask personal questions and get to know each other. They make instant plans to spend more time together if their parents allow it.


An often overlooked sign of being a leader is pure persistence. A person who feels in charge is quite persistent about obtaining what they want. In most cases, the person being pushed doesn’t even feel it’s happening to them.

A leader has a way of incorporating another person’s desires into their own because they seek out like-minded people to be around. Children are the perfect example of persistence and never giving up – just think about how many times they ask for that ice cream cone.


Children who are in charge aren’t afraid of taking the consequences should their plan cause someone to get in trouble. They are also quick to stand up for their groups.

They own responsibility for themselves and those under their care. They make sure everyone is treated equally and gains the same rights.

These are just some of the signs of being a true leader that can be observed from watching children play. Now it’s your turn to learn how to be a true leader from fellow adults.

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What have kids around you taught you about the signs of being a leader? 

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