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Hi! Thanks for stopping by the 30 Days of Faves Blog Party hosted here at The Party Plan Coach! Each day Divas from around the World will be highlighting their favorite products from their Home Party Plan line. I will be highlighting my favorite business tips, tools, and inspiration for you to help build your Home Party Plan business. Be sure to check back every day in June to see what’s new!

If there is anything I know and use more than Emails, it is Conference Calls.   When I began weekly Conference Calls several years ago, the company I used was called The Basement Ventures – one of the first Conference Calling Services that offered conferences of up to 250 callers – FREE!  The calls could also be recorded to be later embedded or downloaded to take on the go.  (Like our Audio Library!)

The Basement Ventures eventually became – the service I know, love, and use nearly every day at Party Plan Divas. It is true, sometimes we have had tech issues – but leave it to Mama Diva here to pick the absolute peak time to have our calls! HA! Now that our calls are noon on Monday, we have not had a single problem!

FreeConferenceCalling will allow you to have several different numbers attached to one account – like our Diva Leadership Academy line, Free Party Plan Divas line, and One-on-One Coaching line.  You can now have up to 1,000 attendees on the call as well!    Call lines are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week!  You just sign up (free) get your conference call number and login info, and then invite whomever you want to dial in!  It is that simple! You can then manage the entire call from your own back office – including recording, muting, and security. is also a great way to record audio clips for advertising, audio blogging, and more.  You can call into the call line all by yourself, manage the call from the back office, and create your very own mp3s!

Even if you only have one team member – is a great tool to use for training, coaching, and encouraging, and then recording for playback any time you want!


What Is A Party Plan Diva?

Last night I did the first call for our “What Is A Party Plan Diva” Conference Call Series.  I then joked on Facebook about how the PROBLEM with me doing the calls at NIGHT was that we all got fired up and excited – and then had to go to bed!  HA!  So to get everyone all revved up again this morning I decided to post the call here for everyone to listen!!

What is a Party Plan Diva?  Well, Webster defines “Diva” as a distinguished, successful, social woman.  Doesn’t that just sum us right up!?  In this first call we talked about the Physical Appearance and First Impressions of a Party Plan Diva.  It was a fun call that I think is so important for us to all hear and implement into our daily lives!

Listen here: (forgive me squeaky voice – allergies are getting the best of me this week!)

This is going to be a fun series, and I am excited to have you all along for it!  This month’s series includes What Is A Party Plan Diva, Branding Your Business, Marketing Success, and Customer Care For a True Diva!   In May we will be discussing getting Ready For Summer – Avoiding The Summer Slump!

To listen to the entire series, join Party Plan Divas for as little as $12.95 per month! Membership includes access to weekly Conference Calls, a 600+ page Training Library, Template Library, Audio Library, Video Library – PLUS one on one coaching! Join us today for fresh new training and support that you need to succeed!  It’s not your mother’s Party Plan Industry anymore – stop listening to the same old worn out trainings of 20 years ago!   Join Party Plan Divas today!