What Is A Party Plan Diva?

What Is A Party Plan Diva?

Last night I did the first call for our “What Is A Party Plan Diva” Conference Call Series.  I then joked on Facebook about how the PROBLEM with me doing the calls at NIGHT was that we all got fired up and excited – and then had to go to bed!  HA!  So to get everyone all revved up again this morning I decided to post the call here for everyone to listen!!

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What Is A Party Plan Diva?

What is a Party Plan Diva?  Well, Webster defines “Diva” as a distinguished, successful, social woman.  Doesn’t that just sum us right up!?  In this first call we talked about the Physical Appearance and First Impressions of a Party Plan Diva.  It was a fun call that I think is so important for us to all hear and implement into our daily lives!

Listen here: (forgive me squeaky voice – allergies are getting the best of me this week!)

This is going to be a fun series, and I am excited to have you all along for it!  This month’s series includes What Is A Party Plan Diva, Branding Your Business, Marketing Success, and Customer Care For a True Diva!   In May we will be discussing getting Ready For Summer – Avoiding The Summer Slump!

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