Lessons From A Team Building Relay Day

This weekend I participated in a super fun day of “team building relay races” with my local women’s group.

It reminded me of all of the team building activities I used to do at my monthly training meetings – although I never broke a sweat at the meeting the way I did yesterday lol.

team building challenges 1

We were broken up in to two teams to complete 15 relays. Team One completed nine of the fifteen.

Team Two (my team) completed all 15. What was interesting though was how each team worked together.

Team One went at each challenge with brut force – powering through each relay. My team on the other hand did every challenge with a strategy – and in turn finished each relay relatively easily.

We stopped in front of each course, read the instructions out loud, discussed a strategy along with obstacles that may arise, and by the times we actually began the relay, we had a set plan that everyone understood.

team building challenges 2

This week I want you to think about how you treat challenges within your business – both your personal business and as a team.

Do you stand up to those challenges and power through? Or do you think about the big picture and figure out a strategy first for how it will work in the long run?

team building challenges 3

And what about the rest of your business? Do you map out a plan of action or are you just “attacking” each day as it comes along?

Spend this week paying attention to how you approach your business and how you model that to your team. Remember that the team with the strategy…. WON.

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