Tips for WAHMs: Getting Everyone to Take Your Work Seriously

Being a work at home mom can be tough for a number of reasons. Being your own boss may be a struggle, but it’s even harder when your family and friends don’t think you really work.

WE know that what we do is work, but often times our loved ones see our business as a hobby or something we can put off at any time.

Follow the below tips to get everyone on board with the seriousness of your job, even when you are doing it in the comfort of your own home!

wahm tips

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Take your own work seriously. It will be difficult to get others to view your work as a “real job” if you are constantly blowing it off to go out for lunch or shopping.

No matter what you tell them, your actions will speak volumes.

Set an example by creating – and following – a work schedule. This will not only help your loved ones take you seriously but will help increase your business as well.

Share Your Successes. Talk about what is happening with your business. Share your promotions or team promotions. Talk about the numbers happening in your organization. Share your favorite stories about customers, parties, and vendor events. 

Your loved ones need to know that business is happening – even when we can not see it. 

Curb Sharing Your Failures. We know there are ups and downs in this industry, but unless you are truly passionate about the business, one of the “downs” can become an excellent opportunity for someone to try to talk you into quitting. 

Once the people close to you begin to take your work seriously, it will be easier to get others to do the same. You’ll have the support you need to thrive in your work at home business, and no one will expect you to drop what you are doing when they want or need something!

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74 thoughts on “Tips for WAHMs: Getting Everyone to Take Your Work Seriously”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Those are awesome tips and I will totally be using some of these. Most people sadly do not take me seriously!

  2. These are all great tips. I really need to make my own space so that I don’t distract myself with other things around the house!

  3. I am a freelance writer as well as a professional blogger and I still have a hard time getting people to take what I do seriously. I don’t make a on of money from it but I building my brand. Thanks you for the reassuring words above.

  4. Ourfamilyworld

    These are great tips. I am a wahm and I made sure I have a dedicated workspace. My family respects my work and won’t disturb me unless it’s really important.

  5. The telling people no part is what I really struggle with and I’m working on getting better at that. Sometimes I feel bad if I don’t say yes but I Need to remember that my work is important!

  6. These are great tips! I was just telling my husband the other day that some people in my life don’t take my job seriously.

  7. These are some great tips! I have been trying to get my family to take me seriously for 4 years now, I hope they take me seriously after I start saying NO! lol

  8. Really great tips! #1 for sure, because if you aren’t taking your work seriously then no one will!

  9. Oh what a great post! I am both wahm and work outside of home mom this year … it has been a challenge, but I do think working from home you have to be very serious about it! (while still having fun and enjoying it)

  10. Love this! People think it’s a joke most of the time but I love my job and make a decent living too, so I just laugh! But I love this!

  11. These are great tips. The hardest thing for me is telling people NO. I always want to help everyone, but when I do I fall behind on my work.

  12. It is so hard to get “respect” working from home. People don’t understand it and always assume the I will do something just because I’m at home. I think making a dedicated workspace and hours help others to see that it is a real job.

  13. I certainly agree with each of these helpful tips. I took a decent amount of time for my family to learn the ins and outs of what I do, but these days they are understanding and supportive!

  14. Deb@SimplePlate

    My whole family thinks I sit at home and eat bon bons all day. They’ve no clue. I gave up months ago trying to convince anyone to take me seriously after more than 10 years, one would think they’d get it by now, but no. I laugh when they whine about going into the office!

  15. Saying no is the hardest part for me. People assume you’re available, but that isn’t always the case.

  16. It is so hard to be a work at home mom! Keeping your work time and not work time separate can get blurred. These are great tips.

  17. I work from home and it never crossed my mind that people wouldn’t actually take that seriously until realizing that from your post. I do agree that behaving like you are at a place of work, especially if easily distracted, is important. Creating some daily goals of your time is key too especially if you work on social media which can be distracting, is a important.

  18. My husband didn’t start taking my work seriously until I was making money from it. I do understand his position, Until I brought in money, he just saw me sitting at my computer all day “playing”.

  19. It took a long time for me to get people to realize that working from home didn’t mean that I don’t work. Finally, they have seemed to figure it out. These are great tips.

  20. This is a wonderful strength booster for people like me. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

  21. When I first started working from home, I didn’t have any boundaries and people took advantage of that. Now I have a designated work space and the ability to say NO when needed.

  22. I love these tips. I know I’ve had people give me that look when they hear I’m a wahm!

  23. The dedicated work space is very important. It’s always best to have a private work space like an ‘off limits area’ at home where you zone out and do your stuff sans the distractions and interruptions. It would also help you keep all your work-related stuff in one place.

  24. Bonnie @ wemake7

    I totally get this! Some family really close to me doesn’t take my blog and all the work I do seriously because I don’t work OUTSIDE of the home and they put me down for it. I wish they understood.

  25. I struggle with sharing accomplishments. I hate to brag! Definitely agree with work space

  26. Such great tips! I am definitely taking my work seriously and I’ve created a schedule that has been working great since I started.

  27. Great tips and suggestions! I have a hard time saying No especially to local friends and family which prevent me from working at home.

  28. Beth@FrugalFroggie

    I am working on my computer, sitting on my couch with boys snuggled up next to me. May not be a separate work space but I will take it.

  29. Good advice for work at home. Been pretty set and most friends and family do take me seriously now.

  30. Amy Desrosiers

    I have started telling people no in my life and it is the best thing ever! I used to do everything and now I have a chance to breathe thanks to that 2 letter word.

  31. These are some really great tips! Especially the part about having your own work area. In our old house my desk used to be in the bedroom but now I finally have a working area!

  32. These are great tips. One of the things I wish I had was a dedicated office space. My computer is kind of out by the living room so I have to deal with all the noise and visual stimulation of all the kids ever. @_@

  33. I have to say, now that I’m a blogger-stay at home wife, I have to say I need to delegate hours of sitting down and doing my work for companies. It’s definitely a hard task when you’re at home and there’s other chores to be done.

  34. I hear you with all these. My sister in law keep recommending me for jobs and all but I already told her many times that I am happy of what I do at home. It’s just hard for them to decipher that.

  35. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great tips. I need to make myself a designated work area. It would be nice to have a home office.

  36. CourtneyLynne

    Omg these are some great tips! People never wanna take my blog seriously since it’s not a 9-5 which ughhhh….. so annoying!

  37. Kelly Hutchinson

    When I told people I was going to work from home, they assumed I would be selling Tupperware and back to work in a month. So annoying!! Great tips!

  38. I can’t stand when people devalue the work of WAHM. If they would just be more open minded and see that just because it isn’t done their way doesn’t mean work isn’t getting done.

  39. I dont have kids but sometimes I feel like being a freelancer and a stay at home mom have similar qualities (sans me not having kids in my home). I have to put my foot down and tell people no a lot because people assume just because I work from home I can do peoples errands. I have a job and I have to constantly remind people just because I am not at an “office” that I am available!

  40. My wife and I both work from home so we struggle with all of these, even between each other. We are still working on getting a schedule synced up that we can both stick to as far as work/play times go.

  41. Having a dedicated workspace is very important because it also increases your organization and productivity. I’ve been working from home for more than 10 years, and I still have trouble getting people to realize that I don’t need extra distractions when I’m working. It takes so long for me to get back into the groove sometimes. I have to say, “Would you be bothering me with this if I was working in an office?’

  42. I’ve been working from home for 20 years. If they don’t take me seriously now, they never will. Ha! Great tips. The WAHM life is not easy.

  43. Great tips. It is so hard to be a WAHM! I recently created office hours for myself and now disappear to a local coffee shop between 8-noon. It’s made such a difference!

  44. KC the Kitchen Chopper

    I’m lucky The Hubby takes my work seriously. He’s my best friend and biggest supporter of The Chopped. Your tips will help a lot of people get their points across.

  45. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    It’s true, when you’re a work at home mom. Everybody thinks you are not working seriously. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  46. {{{head hung in shame}}} as I sit here reading this on my living room couch, reclined, tv on, laptop on my lap! I really do need a workspace.

  47. These are great tips. It was only when I started earning money from my blogs that people started taking me seriously. Some even asked for pointers on how to start a blog.

  48. These are awesome tips. I’m tired of explaining to people what I do. When I tell them that I am a Wahm and that I earn from my blogs, I always ask me what is that.

  49. Saying no is hard for me. I’m getting better and better at it. Some people don’t think blogging is a job. We know it is!

  50. I admit that I have a hard time saying ‘no’ sometimes. But hopefully I’ll overcome it because there are times that I should say it without hurting their feelings.

  51. I had a hard time saying no too I am getting better at it. Wonderful tips although I am not a WAHM I can see these tips working we for others. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I really needed this today. I feel like I am always scrambling for what so many call my hobby. …I don’t see anyone else paying for the kids to be in classes, so I guess my hobby needs to be taken more seriously!!!!

  53. These are all such great ideas. I think dedicating a work space is key, as is a certain work time frame, especially when you have little kiddos at home.

  54. I love all these tips. Most of the people never understood that WAHM is still working, but I am lucky My family understands me and they respect my work and never disturb me for unnecessary things. And yes, we do have dedicated space at home for my work which helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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