Facebook Etiquette For Party Plan Consultants

Facebook Etiquette for Party Plan Consultants

Facebook has become the #1 Online Activity around the world – with over 500 MILLION active users spending over 700 BILLION minutes surfing, chatting, and posting about their lives and opinions.

It has become THE PLACE for finding old friends, connecting old flames, keeping in touch with family, networking, sharing information, meeting new friends, and more!

With the “Live Your Life Online” mentality spreading rapidly, it is becoming second nature to freely speak your mind either via Tweet, Text, or Status Update.

However, as a Party Plan Diva, there are a few things you should NOT do.

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Facebook Etiquette for Party Plan Consultants

1. Dropping the F-bomb.

Honestly, there is just absolutely no excuse to use the F word in any social media arena.

If you choose to say it on your own time, in the privacy of your home – fine.
But not in public.

I am no prude,  I have been known to drop it a few times myself, but we have an image to uphold as Party Plan Consultants, and it is about time we began holding ourselves to a higher standard.

2. Cussing at all.

While we are on the subject, let’s just ban this all together.

Thing is, cussing is still “taboo” and bottom line is that respectful, upstanding people simply do not cuss like pirates.  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc are PERMANENT.

Once they are out there, you can not get them back.

Professionals can get the same point across without stooping to the level of curse words.

3. Family Drama

NOT for Facebook.

Remember that you never know who is reading your profile or status.
If you have a prospective recruit “checking you out” before she signs up, and she learns of all of your Baby Daddy, Trifling Sister, Overbearing Mother, Lazy Husband Drama… who wants to associate themselves with that?

4. Joining Facebook Groups that are offensive.

I will give the benefit of the doubt that not everyone knows that when you join these groups, or even “Like” these groups – it updates your profile.

Though these groups might be “cute” or funny, it is another one of those things that can possibly turn someone off from you.

Be cautious when you are joining or “liking” groups whose topics may offend.

5. Slamming other Party Plan Companies.

You know your company is the best.

You know, because you chose it over everything else that is out there.
Here is the thing – we ALL represent fantastic companies.

It is very bad form to insinuate otherwise.

Instead of pointing out other companies faults, highlight what YOU believe makes you better.

Point out what makes you AMAZING.

6. Slamming other Consultants.

Whether they are in your same company or another company, they are your SISTERS.

Do not slam other Consultants for any reason what so ever.

Talking poorly to make another Consultant look bad will actually make the BOTH of you look bad.

Her, for whatever you may have said, and you for lacking the professionalism to not be a catty business woman.

7. Drunk photos or videos.

I will fully admit that being a Party Plan Consultant comes with some responsibility.

Honestly, I believe it is this responsibility that is what is so significantly lacking in our industry, which continues to let so many people think our job is a “joke” or “scam.”

If you have a throw down free for all with your friends from high school – GREAT.

It is good to let lose sometimes.

But again, if a new Consultant was checking you out – and the first thing she sees is you – three sheets to the wind – with your skirt up to your…. well, you get my point.

8. Sexy Profile Pictures.

Ladies, come on.  This is not match.com.

Just because you sell a sexy product, does not mean you need to have a sexy profile picture.

Remember your main clientele is WOMEN – not men.

Women do not want to see you as “sexy” – they want to see you as trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, and understanding.

Besides, even if you are single and trying to catch the eye of some dudes via Facebook… independence, professionalism,  and confidence are way sexier than anything provocative will ever be.

9. Reposting the same status as everyone else.

So it is Monday, you are exhausted from the weekend, and you see a fantastic Status Update from a Sister Consultant about the new products, hostess rewards and opportunity you have right now.  Resist the urge to copy and paste.

I know, it is tempting.

The problem is if someone has several of your Sister Consultants on their page as well… suddenly the “News Feed” looks like a game of Simon Says.
Take the additional 4 seconds, and write the same information in your own words.

10. Bad grammar and misspellings.

I want to end on this to stress the importance of Spell Check and proper grammar.

People want to do business with educated people.

You are looked to as the expert in your field.

Proper spelling and punctuation is the very BASIC requirements for a professional image online.

Re-read your posts and use spell check if there is any question.

Use the proper words, and the proper time – ALWAYS.

Check out a humorous explanation of commonly misspelled words here.

Bottom line – you are a Business Owner.

Please remember that every moment of every day, especially when it comes to your Online Presence.

As I said before, it is about time we hold ourselves to a higher level of professionalism in this industry.

Look to the top of your company – are the people at the top practicing these rules?

I am wiling to bet money that they are.

Those who are at the top understand these rules and those who understand them will more easily RISE to the top as well.

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