Tips And Tricks For Rocking At Direct Sales

Can you believe it is already almost June!? In just a few weeks we will officially be halfway through the year! Have you been ROCKING your business this year?

Believe it or not, even the smallest tweaks to your business can take you from mediocre to ROCKIN! Here are some great tips and tricks to rock through this Summer and for the rest of the year!

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Tip: Stop being generic! Stop using the generic and bland sales lines and make yourself stand out from all of the others. Typically a person’s first thought is oh, direct sales, and then they click away from it.

Make sure everything you post shows off YOUR personality and YOUR style – after all, that’s why they come back to YOU!

Trick: You need to connect with your potential customers. Instead of posting salesy content and promotions, post something that will tell them how you can help them.

For example, if you sell skin care products instead of posting “rejuvenate your skin with so and so’s line of skincare products” use something more personal like, “I hated my skin, it was dry, worn out and tired. I needed something that would bring my skin back to life naturally without all of those fake chemicals and serums. So and so brand saved my skin!”

This is going to sound far more real and personal, reeling in those potential clients to tell them how it worked, where to get it and how it can benefit them.

Tip: Stop nagging your friends, they are sick of it. Whether they say it or not. Nagging your friends over and over to buy your products is getting you nowhere.

They didn’t want it last month, and they don’t want it this month, and chances are you will be hidden by next month if you do not knock it off.

You need to get yourself out there where the buyers are. (But do continue rewarding those friends that boost your sales via their friends, they are worth it!)

Trick: Start promoting your website online everywhere. Every single social media platform out there could help you, it’s just a matter of setting a posting schedule and going for it.

Start up a Facebook page for your business, and post multiple times each day to reach people. Run a contest for a free product to encourage interaction, and market yourself in a friendly and fashionable way.

Create a Twitter account and jump into conversations. Search hashtags to find like-minded people to grow with.

Create a Pinterest account and share all of your favorite things – both personally and professionally. Share share share.

Set up a Periscope / Instagram / SnapChat and share what is going on in your life. At a vendor event? – Share It! At a home party? Share It!

The possibilities are endless! You can also use Facebook Live!

If you stay on top of things, your business will gradually grow. Local buy and sell sites for your area are a great place to post that will drive traffic to your site.

Tip: Start building your confidence. Confidence is the most important aspect that you can work on to boost your sales. When someone comes to you asking about a product, you need to be able to rattle off exactly why they should buy it without hesitating.

Study your products. Use your products. Fall in love with your products. This will make selling easier because you will be authentic and genuine.

Trick: Boost your social skills, go out, have fun, and start talking to strangers. Making friends and growing your network every single day is critical to the long-term success of your business.

“Strangers” are often friends you haven’t met yet – so go be friendly and TALK. 

You can begin talking about common interests first to build the relationship – and see how you can work your business into the conversation. Don’t be pushy, but if someone hears you and asks you about it, you go for it!

What are some other ways you can think of to ROCK your business?

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50 thoughts on “Tips And Tricks For Rocking At Direct Sales”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Those are great tips. I know so many people that are into direct sales these days and it definitely seems like a great way to make a living.

  2. Those are all great tips. I like the one about not being pushy. Sometimes it is best to let people ask you about what they’re overhearing. 😉

  3. These are really helpful for people in direct sales! It definitely makes me more interested in buying a product if the seller loves their product and knows what I need!

  4. BellaVidaLetty

    These are very helpful business tips. Especially about putting one self out there. It’s necessary when in business.

  5. I hate it when a friend tried a new venture and then shoves it down all of their friend’s throats. These are all great tips and tricks.

  6. I agree with not pestering friends. Constantly being asked to buy jewelry and bags and nail wraps has really put a damper on some friendships.

  7. Ronda Ogilvie

    These are all very good tips! STOP the friend Nagging…please!! mt favorite tip…Be you!!

  8. Chasity Boatman

    The skill of boosting social skills is a good one. It’s a wonderful tip to try to work your business into the conversation.

  9. These are some really great tips that every new and old direct sales representative can benefit from learning. I really like the one about being you! No one can be you and that’s the biggest selling point they have in their favor.

  10. Excellent suggestions! All too often I see the same thing over and over and it gets boring. I like innovation!

  11. These are all really awesome tips. I’ve been thinking of getting into direct sales so this will be a big help.

  12. Great tips here. I have had a direct sales business for over 4 years now and it has been a game changer for our family. We’ve been able to pay off over 39k in debt, take free luxury vacations, and have car payments. A huge blessing!

  13. Having a direct business is challenging and if you don’t have a large network, nagging friends would always be a problem. Online promotion sounds great and you can leverage with all social media available.

  14. These are some great tips. I am a direct sales rep for Sass n Frass and Avon but I have not promoted them in a while because of my other businesses.

  15. My sister is in direct sales and she does very well. It’s not really my thing but you pretty much have it all covered. Those are very helpful tips and I will share this post with some friends.

  16. michelle co-huertas

    These are nice tips, great for the newbies out there. thinking of doing an online business myself.

  17. Our Family World

    These are awesome tips, this can be helpful for those who does had a small or big businesses.

  18. Michelle Hwee

    What great tips! I definitely learned some great tricks in this post. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love the idea that strangers are friends you just haven’t met yet. That is such a great outlook.

  20. Great tips. I agree with the stop nagging your friends. People don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you no and it makes for an awkward moment. And yes as in everything be yourself!

  21. Now I knew why a lot of businessman or woman being success, is it because they had a trick and these are amazing. Love it.

  22. Lisa @bitesforbabies

    I’m not in a sales position but I know these are great tips and tricks because my brother is and he uses these all the time!

  23. I have been blogging for about 4 years now. The first several years were the toughest. Over the course of the years, I have tried a few different tactics. But based on everything I know, SEO is huge and super important.

  24. These are some great tips for doing great at direct sales! Being social and good at interacting with others is definitely a huge benefit!

  25. Now I know why a lot of businesses has been successful. I will need this I have a bloggy business thanks for this useful tips.

  26. All of your tips are great and boosting your confidence has to be the most important.

  27. CourtneyLynne

    Omg these are some pretty great tips and tricks! I’m not in direct sales but if I ever decided to go that way I would totally be ahead of the game knowing this!

  28. These are all great tips for anyone who needs to promote themselves, their products, and/or their services. Thanks so much for linking it up at Happy Home Life. After all, one of the keys to having a happy home life is being successful in other areas of our lives.

  29. Wonderful tips! Many of which would apply to most business practices. We don’t want to push people away with our businesses we want to attract and grow! Tanks for sharing!!

  30. I don’t have a direct sales business but have wanted to start one but I totally lack the confidence. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you join this week’s linkup that just went live!

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