8 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Home Party Plan Business

With the economy in the state that it is in, and dozens of Newspapers and TV Shows recommending the Direct Sales Party Plan Industry, people are coming by the thousands to find which Home Based Party Plan Business is right for them. 

But how do you know which one to choose?  How do you know which one will be a good fit for you?

Thankfully there are literally hundreds of choices of Party Plan Companies all offering exceptional products and generous compensation plans.  

In fact, I would even go as far as to say you can guarantee success in ANY of the Party Plan Companies available – IF it is the right “fit” for you and you commit yourself to working the business. 

So how do you know which one is the right fit?  Ask yourself these questions:


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1. WHAT are you passionate about?

We all have a passion for something.  What kinds of things can you get really excited about?  Were you the girl helping everyone put makeup on for Prom?  Or do you enjoy cooking home made meals for your family? 

Maybe you enjoy preserving people’s memories in pictures or decorating a home.  Or maybe you are the “Bling Queen” and love to help women feel fantastic adding just a bit of sparkle.

The truth is there are going to be down days in this business, and it will be your passion that gets you through them.  

Ask yourself honestly what kind of product you can be so passionate about that you keep on keeping on, even when people are telling you no.

2.  WHAT are you strengths? 

If you were applying for a job position, what would the strengths be that you are bringing to the table?  Are you organized? A good communicator? 

Do you like talking to groups of people or one on one?  Can you talk about delicate subjects and clearly communicate your recommendations? 

Are you a good problem solver and interested in helping others?

3. HOW will you work?

Another great opportunity that the Party Plan Industry has to offer is freedom to work your business in different avenues.  Do you want to throw fun parties for groups of women? 

Or sit one on one for consultations?  Do you want to work mostly online, or hand catalogs and brochures out around town? 

Can you travel?  How many hours can you really commit to building your business?

4. WHAT does it cost to be in business?

Many times the only price that is ever advertised as a “getting started” cost is your initial Consultant Kit. 

However, once you have signed the dotted line, you are then made aware of all of the other fees: credit card processing, monthly minimums,catalog prices,  order processing fees, party fees, Hostess Rewards, renewal fees….

Get the facts up front and do not be surprised later.

5. HOW often are new catalogs/product lines released?

Companies continuously add and remove products from their product line, but knowing how often you will be changing your demonstration or adding to your kit is important.  

“New products” is a great reason to keep in touch with your customers, but changing your demo every month may also pose a problem. 

Ask other Consultants how their “cycles” tend to run, and how their Corporate Offices handle the release of new products.

6. HOW will you get paid?

To someone new to the Party Plan Industry, a Compensation Plan can be pretty overwhelming.  Sadly many companies in an attempt to “stand out” are making their Compensation Plans harder and harder to understand. 

When you have narrowed down the product line you want to carry from Question #1, and you have narrowed down the companies from #2 and #3, talk to Consultants from your remaining options and ask them specifically HOW they get paid. 

Do they earn commission – money paid out collectively based on sales of a certain time period, or do you get a buying discount – where you purchase products at one price and sell for a higher price. 

Also, when you are paid on your team bonuses, are you paid in cash or in products?

7. WHAT kind of support does the company offer? 

When trying to choose between Party Plan Companies, looking for the “oldest” company is not always best.  Instead, look for what kind of support and tools are offered to the Consultants. 

Are you allowed to sell online with your own replicating website or shopping cart?   Does the company offer business tools such as catalogs, order forms, and product brochures at a reasonable price?

Are there training opportunities available – either in person or virtually?  Companies who are staying with the times and not “hand cuffing” their consultants to the “old business ways” are striving in today’s market.

8. IF you change your mind, what is the buy-back policy?

Every company offers a buy-back policy should you change your mind about joining their company.   (If they do not, or there are a hundred hoops to jump through, this is a huge red flag!) 

Get clear on what the buy back policy is with the hopes of course that you will never have to use it.  🙂

Choosing the RIGHT Party Plan Company for you is a HUGE part of your success with this industry. 

When I began, some 13 years ago,  I began with a great company… but it was not the right fit for me.  I knew I was on the right road… I just wasnt in the right car!  

Once I found the right company for me, I used what I learned from my first company to skyrocket me to the top.

Whether you are brand new to the industry looking for a new Party Plan Company to join, or feeling like the company you are with just might not be the right fit for you, get the answers to these eight questions and choose the company that is perfect for YOU.

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