Running Sales and Promotions are a huge part of the Party Plan Industry – but how do you make them a huge success?  No matter how great the offer may be – if it doesn't generate business – what is the point, right?    Use this quick five tips to create an awesome promotion, get the word out, and keep your customers coming back again and again!

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1. Decide what the objective is for the Sale. What is your goal?  Do you wish to increase your monthly sales volume?  Are you looking to gain new customers or reservice your existing customers?  Do you want to including Bookings into your Sales promotion?  Set your goal for EXACTLY what you want the promotion to achieve and then plan everything with that goal in mind.

2.  Create a Sales Promotion gives a great deal, without giving away your profit. Contrary to popular belief, you can have a great sale without “giving away the farm.”  I am a firm believer that we are in the business to MAKE money, not SPEND it… well, don't GIVE it away either!  If you make 20% commission on sales, running a 10% off sale has just given away HALF of your earnings!   The truth is, your Party Plan Company has gone to great lengths to get you exceptional products at exceptional prices.   Get creative with your sales promotions and offer services along with product to add more value to your promotion!  Examples: Complimentary Skin Care Consultation with any order over $50.  My Top 5 Recipes with any Home Kitchen Purchase over $50. Free Gift Wrapping with any order over $50.

3.  Plan Your Promotions  ahead of time to be properly prepared. Timing is key, give yourself at least a few weeks in advance to get all of your sales tools ready. You will use this time to get some flyers, and advertising materials that will best showcase your promotion. Think about what kind of sale you will be running as well as what is within your budget.  Consider holidays, seasons, and other National and Worldwide events when planning your promotions.  Try to have all of your Sales planned out no less than 90 days in advance to have plenty of time to order and receive your promo items.

4. Create “Limited Time Offers.” Speaking of TIME – Run promotions for no longer than a week to ten days to create a sense of urgency.   People do not want to “miss out” on a great opportunity, so so create the sense of urgency with a close ending date on your promotion. Giving someone an entire MONTH for a sale will most likely allow for the customer to procrastinate (“oh I will buy that next payday”) and then forget about it entirely.

5. Get the word out! Sales promotions – like bookings – are about numbers.  The more people you tell – the more sales you will receive.  Simple as that.  So get the word out!  Send a Customer email, post on Facebook, write a blog post, ask others to share on their Facebook and Blog pages,  post on community message boards -spread the word like your life depended on it, be excited, this excitement will transfer well to your customers.

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  1. Hi, my name is Vena and I’m new to the party business world. I finished my eco-consulting certification with Green Irene, but am new to the community and don’t know how to get started to book a party. Any suggestions for getting the word out?

  2. As ever a great article… Like the first Tip… Planning what the goal of the promotion in; generally we only seek more sales, but the truth is to generate more bookings as well.

    And I agree, planning is key and we don’t want to give away the farm… but for those who carry inventory… It is best to “sensationalize” the non’moving products to get them to move and make money.

    People are so fickle, you never know what will appeal to them and they are always looking for a bargain as opposed to good value and a great product. The trick is to give value, a great product and a bargain we can all live with without feeling taken advantage of.

    Thanks for this. I am learning so much from Party Plan Divas and The Party Plan Coach. Thank You Lynsey. I am taking my business out of the dark realm of hobby-land to the Realm of Fully Paying Business and I really appreciate all of your efforts of teaching and providing advice and the tools to help.

  3. I like the idea of a services and not discounts – I’ll have to try that

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