Success can be Cheap, Quick, or Easy – Never all three!

I received this article in 2004 from a former mentor of mine, and have kept it all of this time, because of how amazingly true it is! 

Every day I run into people who are looking for the silver bullet of success and how they can make money and be at the top of their business in no time at all.

Like everything else in life, your direct sales business can be built cheaply, quickly, or easily… but never all three. Learn on to read why.

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Success can be Cheap, Quick, or Easy – Never all three!

If it is cheap and quick, it will not be easy.

If it is cheap and easy, it will not be quick.

If it is quick and easy, it will not be cheap.

To apply this to your business – you must determine first what is most important to you.

We all want things to be cheap, but that is not always what we NEED.  Do you NEED your success to be quick? Maybe you are planning for a baby or a move, maybe you are facing foreclosure or another major event in your life. 

Whatever the reason, is quick the most important thing for you? Or is it easy that is most important? 

Do you have very little time and effort available to put into your business? Maybe it MUST be easy! Or are you just flat broke and are having to hand write business cards to save money because there just ISNT any and you NEED this to be cheap?

Now that you know what you absolutely MUST have, determine what you can sacrifice. If it MUST be cheap, are you are willing to sacrifice easy by devoting a lot of time and effort in your business to move things along a little faster? 

If so, think of things you can do that do not cost money.  Get out and do the legwork and make the contacts.  Always keep in mind that you have given up easy (and quick!) in order to not invest any money.

On the other hand, you can invest in your business, understanding that though it will take some time, soon your investment will be paying you back much quicker than if you had not made that investment.

If it must be quick, you must understand that you will have to invest money, but it will be “easier” since you will not have to do as much of the legwork yourself. 

By placing an ad, for instance, you will reach a much larger audience faster and easier than if you tried to make contact on foot with each and every one of those people.

And finally, if it must be easy, know that you are sacrificing either quick or cheap.  Like in the example before – running an ad may be pricey, and even with the best-written ads it is estimated that someone must see an ad more than 7 times before they react (i.e. call) meaning you must run it more than one time for best results – of course meaning more time and money

You will lessen the legwork, making it more “easy”, but will need to increase the other two to yield the best results.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you must sacrifice wisely.  You can not just say that you will sacrifice “cheap” and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in the wrong places and expect it to pay off the way you want. 

It may take some trial and error before you learn exactly where to invest your time, money, and or energy, but eventually, you will hit on something that works for you.  Then, keep at it, perfect it, and build on it!

Take some time to think about this theory this week, and if nothing else, it may help you become more aware of what success will require of you. 

No one said this business would always be sunshine and roses petals, but it can be more amazing and rewarding than you have ever dreamed if you put your mind to it!

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