Direct Sales Consultant Safety – A Necessary Precaution

When booking parties with people we know or through someone they know we generally don’t worry.

When we get a call from a complete stranger however, do you have any suggestions?

My husband said he wants me to leave the persons name, number and address on a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter.

It may sound dramatic but it’s a good idea.

Consultant safety is a must in the Party Plan Industry. Like Realtors and other “in home” sales people, we must never let our guard down about going into a “strangers” home.

Though most scenarios are perfectly safe and welcoming, it is always good to have a safety plan in place just in case.

Let us take notes from the Realtors Safety Log to answer this Ask The Coach question.


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Direct Sales Consultant Safety

#1 – Find out what you can about your Hostess before the party.
Consultant Safety is another reason to make sure you are properly Hostess Coaching.

In speaking with your Hostess you will learn a lot about her, and by listening to her answers to your questions you will get a feel for what her intentions are for the party.

By getting Guest List and mailing the invitations yourself, you will know that people are in fact invited to come, virtually eliminating the chance of you being there alone.

#2 – Plan ahead, and have someone keeping track of your time and locations.
Your husband is absolutely right to ask you to leave the information of where you are.

I would go as far as to print the directions from a service like MapQuest, so that he knows EXACTLY where you are and how to get there if necessary.

Leave also her name and phone number, and call/text when you arrive to the location. I also call/text when I get to the ordering room, and as I am leaving. 

He knows about how long each phase of the party should take, and will begin texting, calling if he does not hear from me.

Hostesses and party goers understand completely when I say “sorry, he is just checking on me… he knows I can talk for days hahaha” and take the call just to let him know I am fine.

Direct Sales Consultant Safety

#3 – Park where you can leave at any time.
This tip is good for even situations where you know everyone who will be attending the party!

There is nothing worse than trying to make a graceful exit from the party after it is over and having to play “musical cars” with a half a dozen people just to be able to leave.

Some party attendees may want to continue the party after you leave, so make sure that whether you are the first or last to leave, you can easily move your car.

#4 – Leave your kit in the car…
Until you meet the Hostess and walk inside the home to see where you are going to set up.

On the off chance that it IS a dangerous situation, the only thing you want in your hands is your keys and cell phone. This is as much of a courtesy issue as it is a safety issue.

Ring the doorbell, meet the Hostess at the door and ask where she would like you to set up.

By going into the home you should be able to tell the mood of the room, if there are other people there, if they look like they are setting up for a show, etc.

This also gives you a chance to say hello and show that you are there to be a friend, not JUST to sell them something.

#5 – Trust your instincts.
If you feel a little uneasy, trust your instincts. Consider taking another Consultant with you, or having your husband or guy friend drive you to the party.

He can either stay or find a McDonald’s or coffee shop to hang out in while you conduct your party. Keep your phone on you to call or text for him to come back as needed.

I can say personally out of the hundreds of parties I have done, and my immediate team has done, I have never had an instance where I felt unsafe or in danger.

Though it is not a common problem, you must never let your guard down or forget that there are dangerous people out there.

Use these tips, trust your gut, and have a safe and successful party every time!

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